The Ministry of internal Affairs of Spain severely punished Barcelona

The Ministry of internal Affairs of Spain severely punished BarcelonaThe Ministry of internal Affairs of Spain fined Barcelona 82 $ 700 for the riots that occurred at the stadium camp Nou during the match against real Madrid in November last year.Then the fans of the "blue garnet" threw the field with foreign objects, which even led to a forced stop of the game. Earlier, a fine of 5,000 dollars for Barca imposed by the Spanish football Federation.In addition, the court still considered the issue of disqualification of the arena itself. Until recently, the Catalans have challenged this decision in civil court, but the new President of Laporte said he was willing to withdraw the appeal. Thus, Barca can play the first matches next season on neutral fields.. . . Читать полностью -->

The Italian championship: overview matches

The Italian championship: overview matchesSunday in the Apennine Peninsula was held the next matches of the championship of Italy. And those who are fighting for the top places, continue their fight.In particular, Chievo and Lazio continue to fight for a place in the Champions League.As for wards, Roberto Mancini, in Rome they completely outplayed modest "Como". Three unanswered goals was sent to the gate Fabrizio Perrone whose partners to prevent it failed in any way.The first goal in the match already born on the 6th minute. Giuseppe Favalli broke on the left flank and made the accurate transmission Stefano Fiore, whose shot was accurate and surprised the guard gate guests. This "racially" not satisfied and, demonstrating high class, managed soon enough to upset Ferrone second time. At this time, stir the Corradi, who received a pass from Sinisa Mihajlovic. Читать полностью -->

Robinho wants to wear the shirt of Barcelona

Robinho wants to wear the shirt of BarcelonaAbout it a lot has been written and said. And all thoughts had its culmination in the fact that the world has to deal with sashasasha the Brazilian football superstar.19-year-old Robinho is an idol Santos, after which it protects and already received an invitation to the national team. However, the young player dreams of someday wearing a t-shirt of the Spanish "Barcelona", as he is very impressed with the play style of the Catalan club. In addition, according to the player, in the composition of blue-pomegranate plays a lot of stars.I would like another 2-3 years to play in Brazil, to gain experience, but it is logical that I want to play in the championship of Spain, " says Robinho.The player is absolutely not Blendable from the fact that he, for example, will have to meet with real Madrid, full of stars.In Brazil argued that his success Santos obliged fantastic dribbling Robinho, maddening the numerous fans of the club, and also rivals. I think, not far off, when the whole football world will admire another talent from Brazil.. . Читать полностью -->

I Gazzaev left two strikers

I Gazzaev left two strikersFollowing the goalkeeper of "Locomotive" Sergei Ovchinnikov, left the Russian team CSKA striker Denis Popov. The reason that CSKA forward will not be able to help the national team in Georgia is still disturbing his nose injury, received April 12, in the meeting of the national championship with Dynamo.In Tbilisi, where the Russian team would be arriving about 7 o'clock in the evening, head coach of the national team of our country Valery Gazzaev will have at their disposal two nominal forward Alexander Kerzhakov, who plays for Zenit and Dmitry Sychev from Marseille.It is planned that in the capital of Georgia, the Russian team will be staying at the hotel "Sheraton Metekhi". Complete the same training at the stadium "locomotive" Valery Gazzaev does not intend to carry out, deciding to confine a light workout the day of the match. Recall that the selection meeting between the Georgian and Russian teams will take place on Wednesday.. . . Читать полностью -->

Romario is going to Brazil

Romario is going to BrazilStar of Brazilian football Romario, he currently Qatari football club Al-Sadd" intends shortly to return to Brazil. This was reported by the media Director of the Brazilian football club Fluminense Francisco Vasconcellos, referring to a telephone conversation with the attacker.The head coach of the club Renato Gaucho from commenting on this topic abstained. "Of course, I'd like to "Shorty" has returned to the club, " said Gaucho. - However, still not all clear".. . . Читать полностью -->

In Kiev will be a meeting of the UEFA Executive Committee

In Kiev will be a meeting of the UEFA Executive CommitteeFrom the headquarters of UEFA to the football Federation of Ukraine received a Fax signed by the Executive Director Gerhard Aigner, stating that 5-6 November 2003 in Kiev will host the meeting of the UEFA Executive Committee. Members of the main Executive body UEFA at the last meeting expressed high confidence of the Ukrainian national Federation, charged with organizing and holding regular Executive Committee, reported the Committee of the FFU public relations and media.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Egypt hopes to get world Cup 2010

Egypt hopes to get world Cup 2010Egypt will apply for the final stage of the football world championship among men's teams, which will be held in 2010. On Monday evening, said at a press conference the Minister of youth Affairs of the country Ali Eddin Hilal.In accordance with the rotation of continents, world Cup 2010 must pass in one of the African States. For the right to host the tournament is already intend to claim Libya, Morocco, Nigeria, Tunisia and South Africa, reports ITAR-TASS.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Lippi accuses the newspaper of lying

Lippi accuses the newspaper of lyingThe main Juventus coach Marcello Lippi denied reports in the Italian press that he had a conflict with the team captain Alessandro Del Piero because he was unhappy with early substitute during a Champions League match with Barcelona, which ended in a draw 1:1. "Me and Alex are no problems, hastened to extinguish passion Lippi. "Our quarrel with Del Piero - fiction newsmen. I don't know who started the rumor about breaking up. Of course, Alex was upset about the change, but this is normal when the player change. The rest of the internal Affairs team.As for the game, we were closer to winning than the Spaniards. Читать полностью -->

Demenko ready to play against the Rotor

Demenko ready to play against the RotorThe main news from the camp of "Spartacus" - the return to operation of the Maxim Demenko, who last took the field in the match of the 3rd round against CSKA.Holding midfielder Tuesday practiced in full and returned with the team to Volgograd. Will Demenko in the starting lineup, the coaches will decide on the eve of the match with the "Rotor". But recover from the trauma of Moroccan Abdelilah Bugs not yet ready to take a seat at the gate, so post number one for sure will trust Alexey Zuev, the correspondent "SE" Alexey MATVEEV.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Ronaldo will be out for six to ten days

Ronaldo will be out for six to ten daysToday, the striker of real Madrid Ronaldo was examined in the clinic, "Ruber Internacional, after which the doctors delivered the disappointing verdict - the Brazilian Varnitsa into operation only after six to ten days. Thus, Ronaldo definitely miss Saturday's game with Recreativo and, possibly, second quarterfinal match of the Champions League against Juventus, which proudct 14 may in Turin.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

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