Romario returned to Brazil

Romario returned to BrazilThe veteran Brazilian football Romario has returned home after a three-month stay at Qatari club al Saad". There it nothing happened. Now Romario expects to play for Fluminense. He has already started training. And although the player himself admits that he is not ready 100 percent, he can play this weekend. His constant presence on the bench in Qatar Romario explained the differences with Belgian coach Perasovic who tried to force him to change style of play, reports AP.. Читать полностью -->

Valery Chizhov: While the two of us an equal chance to stand at the gate

Valery Chizhov: While the two of us an equal chance to stand at the gateValery Chizhov for the past season was one of the best goalkeepers in the Russian championship, demonstrating exceptionally stable game for the Saturn. For the first time he was called under the banner of the national team in February of this year - on the eve of the tournament in Cyprus. There is a 28 - year-old goalkeeper and made his debut in the match against the hosts.- In that game, which ended with our victory - 1:0, I played the first 45 minutes, " recalls Chizhov. - Work nearly defenders operated flawlessly and was not allowed to Express themselves in the present case. A], protecting the gate in the second half, touched the ball a little more often. So match with the Cypriots did not become a serious test for goalkeepers.- For you first call-up was unexpected or long awaited?- The long-awaited. Читать полностью -->

In Shevchenko took half a lifetime

In Shevchenko took half a lifetimeTen minutes before the end of the meeting it seemed that the hosts will win the first victory in the Premier League, as their opponents have never won on the field, "metallurgists", was unconvincing. Imagine the surprise of fans gathered in the stands when rebezha amazing shot under the crossbar reduced the difference in the score, then, substitute, Pavlovich and Medvedev for the remaining time managed to score twice novosadova stole three points from the Muscovites.Naturally, at a press conference the head coach of "Saturn" Vitaly Shevchenko could not hide his joy, as his team rose to the second place in the table: "These games take half a lifetime. At the beginning of the first half in our actions slid hauteur, the players were not selfless. Goals on the 1st and 14th minutes in which you will throw me for a loop, but I'm glad the boys got together. Apparently, managed to convey to them during the break. Note that for the new team, which we had such a hard-won victory is necessary.The output of Pavlovce replacement was planned and take place in the second half by any score. Читать полностью -->

Savio gave Bordeaux and real Madrid two weeks

Savio gave Bordeaux and real Madrid two weeksThe Brazilian Savio gave Bordeaux and Madrid two weeks to come to an agreement about the sale of the French club. Right midfielder belong to the Spaniards, but he plays on loan for the team Smertin. The lease expires on 30 June 2003, but Bordeaux has the option to buy the player. This option, however, will be only until the next Tuesday.In this situation, the player decided to hurry other stakeholders that they have agreed on price, which the French will have to pay for the transfer sheet Savio.. . . Читать полностью -->

Mutko appreciated the step Abramovich

Mutko appreciated the step AbramovichThe President of the Russian football Premier League Vitaly Mutko in General commends the Roman Abramovich's decision to purchase the shares of the English club Chelsea. "Football with the right approach - a very good business," said head of the Russian football Premier League in conversation with the correspondent of ITAR-TASS, and from this purchase worth the wait good dividends"In this light, according to him, the decision by the Russian businessman to buy stocks popular in England club looks reasonable. At the same time, Vitaly Mutko expressed regret that "the Russian football is not too attractive for investors."". . . . Читать полностью -->

Barcelona claim Kivu

Barcelona claim KivuBarcelona seek to buy the Romanian defender Cristian Chivu, which is currently owned by Amsterdam "Ajax". Supposedly the player has already held talks with Giuliano Terraneo. The latter will become the technical Director for Barca if he wins the laportes in the presidential elections. Note that at Kivu is also claimed AC Milan and inter. The estimated cost of the Romanian footballer - 15-20 million euros, according to soccerage.. . Читать полностью -->

The German Championship. Schalke showed class in Leverkusen

The German Championship. Schalke showed class in Leverkusen1:0 Berbatov, 9; 1:1 Boma, 12; 1:2 Sand, 61; 1:3 Asamoah, 90 0:1 Kurani, 25; 1:1 Hashemian, 40; 2:1 Hashemian, 66; 3:1 Christiansen, 68. . . . . Читать полностью -->

President Tottenham: Hoddle will continue to work with the team

President Tottenham: Hoddle will continue to work with the teamPresident Tottenham Hotspur Daniel levy confirmed that Glenn Hoddle will continue to work with the team, according to Planetfootball. This statement he made in response to numerous rumors and speculation that the club is looking for a new coach. It was assumed that in the place who haven't justified advances Hoddle coming coach, Celtic Manager Martin O'neill or mentor, "Blackburn" Graeme Souness.Levi was quick to refute the rumors: "I categorically deny all the speculation about what O'neill, Saunas or any other coach will work in our team. I trust Glenn at 100%".Last season Hoddle got a big dose of criticism and now, in order to relieve the pressure, he and his team needed a good start next season, as well as a good selection work. Hoddle is looking for a partner for Robbie Keane. It can be forward, "Blackburn" Dwight York. Читать полностью -->

Juran suspended for five games

Juran suspended for five gamesFor improper and unethical conduct during the match reserve teams with Lokomotiv disqualification for 5 games subjected coach of FC Spartak S. Juran. In addition, it is laid and a 5,000-ruble fine. For rough play during the same match 3 match disqualification subjected to a player of FC "Spartak" O. Ivanov. For mutual fight during the match reserve teams Rostov - Dinamo on 5 matches each disqualified A. Читать полностью -->

Van Gaal refused to work in Fulham

Van Gaal refused to work in FulhamLouis van Gaal could not agree with Fulham, who offered him the head coach position left vacant after the departure of Jean Tegan. Last week the Dutch specialist was negotiating with representatives of the London club in Amsterdam. According to The Daily Record, the coach asked for too high a salary, they are not able to pay. Van Gaal agree to sign the contract provided that would get 30 thousand pounds a week.. . . Читать полностью -->

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