The first division. 7th round. Details

The first division. 7th round. DetailsGazovik-Gazprom Izhevsk) - Torch-Voronezh (Voronezh) - 2:1 (0:1)goals: Alkhimov, 37 - 0:1, Burdin, 46 - 1:1, Dubrovsky family, 70 - penalty - 2:1.Gazovik-Gazprom: Ekimov, M. Petrus, Dubrovsky family (K), Patacorow, Smelko, Zinoviev (Punegov, 60), Samoilov, Kobozev, Lickin, Burdin (Lozhkin, 82), Zhdanov (R. Petrus, 42, Ronzhin, 88).Torch: Chesnakov, Mukungu (Agapov, 78), vol (K), alyakrinskaya, Ivanov, Degtyarev, Amirov (Koryagin, 62), Djordjevic, Eliseu, Alkhimov, Kupriyanov.Penalties: R. Petrus, 86 - warning.Judge A. Читать полностью -->

Fabio Cannavaro left the infirmary inter

Fabio Cannavaro left the infirmary interDefender of the Italian football club inter Milan Fabio Cannavaro has recovered from the hamstring injury received in the Milan Derby at the beginning of the month. That meeting ended with the victory of "Milan" with the score 1:0.On the recommendation of doctors 29-year-old can play a partial match in the next round of Serie a, when inter will be seen on the "Atalanta". After that, depending on the health, Cannavaro could be in the starting lineup on polufinale the Champions League game against Milan.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Destiny Romantsev will be solved today or tomorrow

Destiny Romantsev will be solved today or tomorrowIn Spartak another conflict is brewing. On Saturday, the team coach Oleg Romantsev called a press conference at which he announced that he was dissatisfied with the team President Andrew Chervichenko. In particular, Romantsev has indicated that the team have problems with financing, with the integration team, etc. Oleg Ivanovich said that is not going to resign. Today in an interview with the newspaper "Sport-Express" Chervichenko made "response", rather harshly criticizing Romantsev. "I can hardly understand what is going on. Читать полностью -->

Veron wants to play in the Champions League final

Veron wants to play in the Champions League finalArgentine Juan Sebastian Veron, ending knee injury, is determined to take the field in the second leg against real Madrid in the 1/4 finals of the Champions League. In an interview with The Sun, he said:"real Madrid may think that everything has already been decided, but it is not. I promise our fans that we'll still be in the final. The fight is not over, because each of us knows that the League final will take place at "old Trafford". We should be there at any cost," added the Argentine, recognizing that the loss of the suspended Paul Scholes and Gary Neville will greatly complicate the matter.. . Читать полностью -->

Lazio still managed to retain only Stankovic

Lazio still managed to retain only StankovicAccording to Soccerage, Italian Lazio will retain their Dejan Stankovic. According to the Director General of the club of Rome Luke Baraldi, we can talk about it with 100 percent certainty. But with respect to two other players "sky blue" that we can not yet say. It comes Bernanrdo of Corradi and Jape Stame. The latter is very interested in Turin "Juventus", which requires the injection of fresh strength in the protective order. Despite the fact that coach Lazio Roberto Mancini would like to keep both players, the financial crisis facing the club may lead to the sale. Читать полностью -->

Tottenham interested in Corradi

Tottenham interested in CorradiLondon Tottenham wants to buy a striker Rome Lazio Bernardo Corradi. The interest in football is also inter Milan, who sees in him a replacement Gabriel Batistuta, which, apparently, will go to Fulham. Juventus, AC Milan and Parma until nabliudaiut the situation.However, the conditions Tottenham seem more real, and according to representatives of the club, they have already appealed to the Romans to the relevant service.. . . . Читать полностью -->

The Spartacist Kebe not returned to Spartak

The Spartacist Kebe not returned to SpartakDefender of "Spartacus" moisГs started training with the team. The Brazilian is fully recovered from a thigh injury and hopes to help the team in the match with Lokomotiv. His participation in the game for the red and white is especially important given the suspension of other Central defenders - Vashchuk and Mitreski.In "Spartak" from the national team of Russia has returned Kovtun, who was a shootaround. Late Monday was due to fly to Moscow from the Morocco national football team goalkeeper Bugs. But the midfielder Kalinichenko will not be able to play against Lokomotiv, as the Ukrainian team on the same day holds a very important qualifying match of EURO 2004 in Greece. In the location of the Senegalese national team, in all probability, will remain Kebe.Missed due to injury response quarterfinal match of the Premier League with Zenit striker Pavlyuchenko and midfielder Pavlenko yesterday trained in Tarasovka, the first in the group, the second - on the individual program. Читать полностью -->

Shinnik confidently finished the first round

Shinnik confidently finished the first roundThe favorite of the match in Yaroslavl was obvious. "Shinnik", though not always demonstrating a compelling game, steadily gaining ground, "Spartak-Alania", along with "torpedo-metallurg" - the main contender for the lower grade. The team lost seven games in a row, and one cannot say that these lesions were not on the game. "Shinnik" had problems with the game on the home field early in the season, when the quality of the field left much to be desired. However, with the onset of summer grass in the stadium "Shinnik" grown up, lawn leveled off and now, perhaps, complain it is not worth it. So Yaroslavtsev had every opportunity to play fluid football. Читать полностью -->

Forwards Locomotive begins to score when the team take a break from the League

Forwards Locomotive begins to score when the team take a break from the LeagueIn the first three rounds of forwards-Legionnaires "Loco" - Julio Cesar and Winston parks - not scored not once. After playing with Shinnik Brazilian and Costa Rican answered the questions of "SE".1. How would you rate his performance in the match against Shinnik?Winston parks, defender of "Locomotive" (came on as a substitute in the 57th minute):- the Match was very intense, so it was not easy, as a substitute immediately to get into the game. It seems to be made well and was even able to help the team to score a goal back. In the second half, in my opinion, we have demonstrated almost the maximum of their possibilities at the moment, given the fatigue accumulated in the beginning of the season because of a large number of games. Brains were designed to save the match, and we did it.Julio Cesar, defender of "Locomotive" (came on as a substitute in the 46th minute):- I Think I played well. Читать полностью -->

Club licensing in Russia to be

Club licensing in Russia to beIn the press center of the Moscow sports complex "Luzhniki", a presentation of the licensing of the Russian football clubs in UEFA. The event was attended by the RFU President Vyacheslav Koloskov, General Secretary of the RFU Vladimir Radionov and the UEFA representative directly involved in this project Andrea Traverso, reporter Р РўР -РЎРїРѕСЂС‚.Ru. Mr. Traverso is the Deputy head of the Committee, which is responsible for financial criteria. In addition, the meeting was attended by representatives of Russian clubs.The first floor was Vyacheslav Koloskov: "Licensing will allow to reach a new level of control over the activities of the clubs. Control will be the national Federation, that is RFU. Читать полностью -->

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