Chornomorets vs CSKA: after the match

Chornomorets vs CSKA: after the matchAt a press conference held after the match Chornomorets - CSKA coach "red-blue" Valery Gazzaev said that his team tried to keep very strictly, especially in defence. "I think the score reflects the content of the game. "Chernomorets" I liked it", - said the coach. As for replacement Solomatina, she, as it turned out, was caused by an injury of a player who pulled adductor muscles.In turn, the mentor Novorossiysk Igor Gamula said that, in his opinion, "fairer would have been a draw". "I have no claim to your kids that give 100%. There were many moments, well, I think, played a]", he said.At the same time, hamula noted that his team remain serious problems with the squad. Читать полностью -->

Radu rebezha about his relationship with the head coach of the national team of Moldova

Radu rebezha about his relationship with the head coach of the national team of MoldovaWhile online with the fans Ramensky "Saturn" on the official website of the club defender Radu rebezha commented on his lack of Moldova national team. "The relationship with the coach was strained from the first day of exploring. Explain the reason. On the eve of the friendly match with Hungary, former Manager of "Saturn" Vladimir Shevchuk phoned the leadership of the Federation and agreed that players Saturn (I, Sosnowski and Rogachev) will play a half for an ambulance games club in the championship of Russia. However, the coach put it down to our reluctance to play a full match. In subsequent meetings, if you want to find any negative aspects in my game. Читать полностью -->

Nowotny: Spartacus today is not the one in the Champions League

Nowotny: Spartacus today is not the one in the Champions LeagueCzech defender Rubin Jiri Novotny became the hero of the match with Spartak, scoring in the 90th minute decisive goal in red and white. After the game, he gave a small intevriew "Soviet sport".- Jiri, congratulations on your victory over the most titled Russian club.Thank you. This victory for us, the newcomers, is of great importance. Even the Muscovites today is not quite the same team that rattled in the Champions League.Five goals in eleven games you scored three head. Opponents know this, but once again are unable to prevent you to send the ball into the net.- Indeed, all while successfully obtained. Try to use your strengths. Читать полностью -->

Zinedine Zidane may move to Olympique de Marseille

Zinedine Zidane may move to Olympique de MarseilleAccording to Spanish newspaper "Espana futbol", midfielder of real Madrid and France Zinedine Zidane agreed with the leadership of your club about the transition at the end of Euro 2004 in Marseille. Spanish weekly reports that the Manager of the "tricolor" in December last year during the evening dedicated to the centenary of the "real" had a private discussion with the Director General of the club of Madrid Jorge Valdano. During the conversation, the Frenchman admitted famous former player of the national team of Argentina that would very much like to finish his football career at the club childhood. Zidane said that he dreams his last season in football to spend on the team, where he is still a child, used to retrieve the balls.The idea to finish his performance in "the Olympic champion of the world and Europe came to a head after a warm welcome, made to him by the President of the Marseille club, Christophe Boucher during the farewell match of coach Laurent Blanc, which was held in Nimes, in November 2002. Zinedine Zidane turned to his agent, Alain Le Melecio with a request to negotiate with the leaders of the club of Madrid about a possible departure from the "real" in the year before the expiry of his contract (contract Frenchman ends in the summer of 2005). The agent of the player managed in General to negotiate with the leaders of the Spanish club. Читать полностью -->

Sychev scored for Marseille

Sychev scored for Marseille"Marseille" in the match of the 35th round of the championship of France tried at home "Bastia". The home team in the current season of real chance not only to a place in the Champions League, but winning the national championship. Therefore, the team Dmitry Sychev in any case it was impossible to lose points in the upcoming game. As to the guests, they do not seem to what to expect this season, and the players, "Bastia" in all probability just see out of it.From the first minutes of the match, the home team took the initiative in their hands. Already 5 minutes, joined the attack, the defender of "Olympic" Fabien, Laurent struck from afar, but perfectly played goalkeeper Nicolas Penneteau, the fingertips having beaten off the ball for a corner. A few minutes later Frank LeBoeuf with a free kick was dealt a severe blow, but the ball flew wide.Team Dmitry Sychev completely dominated the field, having a huge territorial advantage. Читать полностью -->

Martin Horak was out for a month

Martin Horak was out for a monthCentral defender of "Zenit" Czech Martin Horak, unsuccessfully faced in training with the Romanian legionary Daniel Kiriza, received a leg injury and was out of action for about a month.. . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Zenit - Rubin: after the match

Zenit - Rubin: after the matchImmediately after the match "Zenit" - "Rubin", culminating in the victory of St. Petersburg with the score 1:0 (Shirl, 48), held a press conference at which both coaches didn't look upset. The former was pleased with the victory and Berdyev felt that his team looked quite decent.Kurban Berdyev, head coach of Rubin: "I Congratulate Zenit deserved victory. We did not play in that game we wanted, and we allowed them to impose their".Question: last year, when Rubin came to visit St. Petersburg Dynamo and lost, you apologized to his fans for mediocre play. What are your feelings at this time?Answer: currently no such feelings. Читать полностью -->

Dream team tour

Dream team tourA] (1) CSKA, Shershun (1) CSKA, Tanasijevic (1) Dynamo, Kovalenko (2) Dynamo Samarani (1) Rubin, Gusev (1) CSKA, Jarosik (2) CSKA, Titov (1) Spartak, Dynamo (1) Dynamo, Pavlyuchenko (1) Spartacus, Semak (1) CSKA.. . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Krylya Sovetov - Chernomorets. The analysis of the match

Krylya Sovetov - Chernomorets. The analysis of the matchThird draw in a row brought into the camp of "Wings" is a disappointment. The team applying for championship medals, generously distributes points to opponents in almost winning matches."Some doom hovers over the team ? sadly confessed after the match, the captain of Volga Andrey Tikhonov. ? And not that "Chernomorets" strong - our own fault that we lost the victory. Over the team all the time pressure. Can't score from five yards".The mood is the most experienced player in the "Wings" can be understood. Читать полностью -->

First defeat of youth

First defeat of youthRussia's Junior team suffered their first defeat in the 10th group of the qualifying tournament of Euro 2004. Today in Switzerland, the team of Andrey Chernyshov are unable to score in the opponent's single goal and missed one in your.The European Championship. The youth team. The selection turnograph are - Russia - 1:0 (1:0)Goal: Streller, 22.. . . Читать полностью -->

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