Kazan Czechs watching compatriots Petersburg

Kazan Czechs watching compatriots PetersburgThe Czechs in Kazan already seems to have mastered it. Anyway, on contacts with the press go willingly. Defender Jiri Novotny on the offer to talk about Saturday's match against Zenit replied: "No problem!- Who among your numerous compatriots in "Zenit" you are perfectly familiar?- With Vlastimil the Former: worked under him in the "Sparta".- What can you say about the supporting defender Martin Horak, also played in "Sparta"?- For two seasons, held in Prague club, he played in ten matches. Interesting, talented footballer knows how to play head. However, in his 22 years he still needs experience, but that'll come. Sorry, Terribly unlucky in meeting with Lokomotiv head broke. Читать полностью -->

Alley football stars in Monte Carlo!

Alley football stars in Monte Carlo!One prestigious football trophy in the world has increased. World Champions Club with the participation of La Gazzetta dello Sport and active support of Prince albert of Monaco established the Golden Foot award, or "Golden leg". Held in Milan press conference it was announced that this summer in Monte Carlo will appear Alley football stars football answer to Hollywood with its Avenue of stars.. . . . Читать полностью -->


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