Chernyshov opposed Legionnaires

Chernyshov opposed LegionnairesCoach of the youth national team of Russia on football Andrey Chernyshov believes that it is necessary to introduce a limit on foreign players in Russian clubs. According to the coach of the youth team, this step will contribute to the growth of professionalism among young Russian players.As RIA "Novosti", Sunday wards Chernyshova begun preparing for a friendly match with their peers in Finland, which will be held April 29 at the Moscow stadium "wings of the Soviets".During the training, the youth national football team will hold two training sessions on the pitch with artificial turf at the stadium "Luzhniki". Training in such conditions, according to Chernyshova, is bad for physical condition of the players. "You should also consider the fact that the match with finami have to play on grass," said the coach.In order to prepare the youth team of Russia for the Olympics in Athens, scheduled for 19 August friendly with the German Olympic team.. . . Читать полностью -->

Kobiashvili moved to Freiburg

Kobiashvili moved to FreiburgGerman club Schalke has signed a contract with the player of national team of Georgia Levan Kobiashvili. The last previously played for "Freiburg". Recently a team from southern Germany secured their return to the elite of the German division that did not change the decision Kobiashvili to move to another club. Levan signed with Schalke three-year contract. In Gelsenkirchen, he moved as a free agent, reports AP.. . Читать полностью -->

Chernyshov plans to buy seven players

Chernyshov plans to buy seven playersThe head coach of Spartak Moscow Andrey Chernyshov does not exclude the possibility of buying up to seven new players to strengthen the club. About this Chernyshov said at a press conference, which was held at Moscow-based "Spartacus" in Tarasovka."We will consider the price and quality of the player, and priority will be given to players from Russia," said Chernyshov, adding that strengthening exposed to a specific position. Coach of "Spartak" also noted that on June 26, he will meet with the club President Andrew Chervichenko, and they will discuss transfer policy team during the period dobavochnoi campaign. "After meeting with Chervichenko we will determine exactly how many new players to the team," said Chernyshov, noting that some players have to leave. According to the coach, it will be those players who do not meet the level of "Spartacus". The names of favour with the club, the players, the coach Muscovites promised to call after the first round of the championship of Russia, RIA "Novosti".. Читать полностью -->

Yuri Sevidov: Calendar spoils us

Yuri Sevidov: Calendar spoils usOnly passed one Derby ? CSKA - Spartak as coming next - Dinamo - CSKA.Both teams have a lot in common. No wonder that they are no points lost. The main thing that unites these groups currently ? excellent physical and volitional training and downright frantic mood of the game. Besides, CSKA and Dynamo leading role played by young players. In my opinion, it is the same and function the coaches in these commands. And Gazzaev, and Prokopenko very emotional, both feel good psychological state of the players and know how to use it to influence the outcome of the game. Читать полностью -->

Sven-Goran Eriksson has admitted to meeting with Abramovich

Sven-Goran Eriksson has admitted to meeting with AbramovichEngland Manager Sven-Goran Eriksson has denied reports that it intends to leave his post and to lead Chelsea.This information was based on the fact that the coach met last week with the new club owner Roman Abramovich and his agent Pine Zahavi."Indeed, I was talking to Zahavi and Abramovich in the office of the new owner of Chelsea in London," said Eriksson. We Zahavi been friends for 20 years, since I became the coach of Benfica. When he arrives in London, we will definitely meet. I admit that this meeting could cause an assumption about my transfer to Chelsea. However, I state categorically that I'm not going to coach the London club. In England I was all happy and I'm going to succeed in this position".//Reuters. Читать полностью -->

Roberto Carlos will be allowed Beckham to fulfill a couple of penalty

Roberto Carlos will be allowed Beckham to fulfill a couple of penaltyBrazilian defender of real Madrid's Roberto Carlos welcomed the shift in the Spanish club David Beckham, however, warned the Englishman that he will have to try to earn the right to execute free kicks in the team."I will allow him to perform some penalty, but only a few. He scored some excellent goals from free kicks, but this does not mean that here he will beat them all," said the Brazilian.The fact that Beckham is known for his interpretations of penalty kicks. Recall, for example, a shot of David with a penalty kick in the last minute of the match between England and Greece, which allowed the British to reach the final of the world Cup 2002. Roberto Carlos is also known for its ability to carry out punitive strikes. The name of Carlos became the talk of the town after he scored an outstanding goal from a free kick France. Seeing this, Beckham the next day at practice he tried to repeat the trick of the Brazilian, but failed. Читать полностью -->

Yuri Nikiforov is sent in the J-League

Yuri Nikiforov is sent in the J-LeagueRussian Yuri Nikiforov has signed a six month contract with the club Japanese J-League Urawa Red diamonds".One of the most popular clubs in the Country of the rising sun is only 14th place (16 teams) in the League. Recall that recently a 32-year-old Central defender played for the Dutch "RKS Vaalviyk."". . . . . Читать полностью -->

Antic acknowledged defeat Barca from Deportivo

Antic acknowledged defeat Barca from DeportivoThe coach of the Spanish football club Barcelona Radomir antic has recognized that in the match against Deportivo his team deserved the defeat.Antic called the result of the match fair and said that Deportivo was objectively stronger than his charges. The Serbian specialist noted that barГ§a lacked composure in the second half, plus the team visibly tired. The decisive factor coach called that, once in the lead, Barcelona lost the initiative to the opponent."It was not our day," concluded the coach, stressing that now the main task Barca will win in the next match.This weekend Barcelona will play on the road with their archrivals real Madrid, who in the last round lost to real Sociedad with the same as "Leopard", the score 2:4.. . . . Читать полностью -->

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