The financial health of Lazio may be saved, the Arab Sheikh

The financial health of Lazio may be saved, the Arab SheikhRecently Roman Lazio paid the arrears for the months of October and November last year, but the financial situation continues to be fragile. The risk of bankruptcy of the club of Rome remains quite probable. According to recent news, one of the Arab multimillionaires, the Sheikh of Bahrain, recently met with representatives of a family of Cragnotti, still owns 51-im a percentage of shares Lazio. Likely that he's going to buy the part belonging to Cragnotti company Cheerio. If this deal goes through, the financial impact can help Cragnotti to regain influence over Lazio and improve its financial position.. . Читать полностью -->

Fans fear that the DOJ will buy Russian businessman

Fans fear that the DOJ will buy Russian businessmanFans of "Manchester United" believe that the concentration of 75% of the assets of the club in the hands of only 1% of investors, is not secure. Such concerns are evident in the results of a survey conducted after the English Daily Express and Daily Star reported "some Russian businessman" planning to buy Manchester United. The transaction value is estimated at 500 million pounds.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Spartak. Without complexes

Spartak. Without complexes. . . . . Читать полностью -->

The English Premier League. Manchester inferior home

The English Premier League. Manchester inferior home0:1 Kanoute, 8119:05 Tottenham - Manchester United. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Again a newbie!

Again a newbie!Qualifying match of EURO 2004 qualifier between Georgia and Russia will serve referees from Germany headed by Franz Xaver VAK. The venue will be determined approximately April 15.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Rostov - Spartak-Alania: match stats

Rostov - Spartak-Alania: match statsRostov - Spartak-Alania 3:1 goals: aspen, 15-pins; Kruscic, 45; Kanyenda, 53 - Bazaev, 37-pins Rostov: Bliznyuk, Kruscic, Ragoczy, Booth, Datsenko, aspen, Kampamba, Hendrix (Brovin, 85), Karpovich, Cananda, Maslov (James, 75)Spartak-Alania: Goncharov, Bagaev, Agayev, Guliyev (Gicev, 65), Menteshashvili, a Linear, Ashurmatov, Yevich, Bazaev, Ashvetia, the successful decision (Khintsagov, 68)Warning: Kruscic, 63 - Guliyev, 43; Menteshashvili, budha: Fursa (St. Petersburg)Rostov-on-don. "Olympus-XXI Century"". . . . Читать полностью -->

Brazil won against Nigeria in a friendly match

Brazil won against Nigeria in a friendly matchIn a friendly match between Nigeria and Brazil, on Wednesday on the field players from Africa, the stronger was the world Champions 3:0. The goals in the account Gilles (34), Luis Fabiano (38) and Adriano Leite (81).In the "superglow" the whole match was held by the Shakhtar defender Isaac Okoronkwo.For Brazil played all the strongest players with the exception of Ronaldo and Rivaldo.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Switzerland relies on home matches

Switzerland relies on home matchesMatch with the Georgians, for obvious reasons, is not caused in Switzerland the same jubilation, as at the meeting with the Irish, but on the faces of Alpine residents was not visible and special experiences. Many experts of the Country banks are inclined to believe that coach Kobi Kuhn decided not to rush and not to risk playing to win - say, a draw away its even quite satisfied. As a result, according to local press, instead of the expected match of fear (the so - because of the expected incident - dubbed this meeting) was held friendship match, during which the audience were so friendly, the knives on the field did not fly, and rivals of each other is not particularly bothered.Swiss journalists, taken before the match in the locker room with his team argue that on its walls kun hung four poster, which, in his opinion, were to provide the players an important psychological impact. On each of the posters was only one word: "Quality", "Fighting", "Team", "Together". The latter would mean that their will be a joint trip to Portugal. "If we win the three remaining games at home, we get 17 points. Читать полностью -->

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