Juran suspended for five games

Juran suspended for five gamesFor improper and unethical conduct during the match reserve teams with Lokomotiv disqualification for 5 games subjected coach of FC Spartak S. Juran. In addition, it is laid and a 5,000-ruble fine. For rough play during the same match 3 match disqualification subjected to a player of FC "Spartak" O. Ivanov. For mutual fight during the match reserve teams Rostov - Dinamo on 5 matches each disqualified A. Читать полностью -->

Van Gaal refused to work in Fulham

Van Gaal refused to work in FulhamLouis van Gaal could not agree with Fulham, who offered him the head coach position left vacant after the departure of Jean Tegan. Last week the Dutch specialist was negotiating with representatives of the London club in Amsterdam. According to The Daily Record, the coach asked for too high a salary, they are not able to pay. Van Gaal agree to sign the contract provided that would get 30 thousand pounds a week.. . . Читать полностью -->

Shevchenko calm, Kaladze happy

Shevchenko calm, Kaladze happyUkrainian striker Italian Milan Andriy Shevchenko admitted that he had no fear of breaching the gate Juventus a penalty that decided the outcome of the Champions League final. According to a Ukrainian, he was confident and not afraid to miss, so he volunteered to perform the final blow."I was absolutely calm and when he scored, at first I didn't knew it was over and we had won the Champions League," said the striker. Shevchenko also stressed the importance of won the title, noting that Milan deserved this trophy. "I am very happy for the club, for partners, for the fans," he said. "We worked hard throughout the season, and it brought results". Another ex-player of Dynamo Kakha Kaladze, who made a considerable contribution to the victory of the Milan team, admitted that insanely happy to win. Читать полностью -->

The Toldo stand wall

The Toldo stand wallFrancesco Toldo will recall your last visit to the Mestalla". At the last minute response to the quarterfinals of last year's UEFA Cup goalkeeper "inter" has been removed from the field. However, the Italian team was able to win with the score 1:0, which allowed her to reach the semi-finals, because in the first match was a draw 1:1.A year later, the 31-year-old goalkeeper returns to Spain for the second-leg quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League. This time, thanks to a goal from Christian Vieri "inter" there is minimal advantage that, in the opinion of Toldo who will allow his team again to knock Valencia out of the fight."I hope that this match will be quieter," said the Toldo, whose growth falls short of 4 inches to 2 - meter mark. In last year's game the score was opened by Nicola Ventola, then Valencia unleashed a barrage of attacks at the gate "inter". However, Toldo, was in great shape, repelled all attacks of the Spaniards, including the most dangerous attacks Francisco Rufete and Vicente.Remembering that tense meeting, Toldo says: "I had a lot of work, and our team got nervous high school football fans". Читать полностью -->

Golden boot should be fit to Christian Vieri

Golden boot should be fit to Christian VieriEuropean national Championships in the homestretch. Reached its climax and the battle of the best snipers, the most accurate of which will get the coveted trophy ? "Golden boot".For anybody not a secret that football decorate goals, as well as those who produce them. So, in this respect approaching the end of the European season was just as impressive. Longstanding records are falling one after the other. In the Champions League Dutchman van Nistelrooy scored eleven goals that anyone before him in the tournament hitherto failed. But his back still and ambitious Hernan Crespo from inter and Filippo Inzaghi AC Milan.Not less worthy feats forwards and make the national Championships. Читать полностью -->

Spartak. Evaluation of the FE

Spartak. Evaluation of the FEBUGS and 5.0. Shares with Vaschuk responsible for the goal Karachi - shot hit the near corner. Twice bailed out, eliminating the mess Gaucho, reflecting a strong impact Tikhonova from outside the penalty area.KOVTUN is 4.5. Constantly mistaken in the choice of positions and the transmission, which led to a sharp counterattack.MOISГ‰S is 6.0. Impeccably acted on the interceptions, broke the attack at the expense of skilled and competent selection. Читать полностью -->

The municipality of Naples wants to name the stadium name Maradonna

The municipality of Naples wants to name the stadium name MaradonnaNaples city Council asked the Italian government to assign to the local stadium "San Paolo" name Diego Maradona, who helped the team, who languished for a long time at the bottom of the second division, to win Championships 1987 and 1990, the Italian laws since the days of fascism forbid to call public facilities name of a person who died less than 10 years before, but the management hopes that the government will make concessions. Campaign to rename the stadium early Neapolitan newspaper Napolipiu."I am convinced that this decision, which support very many, will prevail over the law, which was written 76 years ago, " said the chief editor Napolipiu Giorgio Gradone.Maradona, who, along with Napoli also won the UEFA Cup in 1989 is still very popular in Naples, and his son Diego Jr. plays for the youth team "Napoli".. . . . Читать полностью -->

Berezovsky went to the team of legionaries

Berezovsky went to the team of legionariesThe goalkeeper of Dynamo Moscow and Armenia Roman Berezovsky was elected to the national team foreign players of the championship of Russia, the press service of the Moscow club. As you know, the match between team Russia and team Legionnaires will take place on 30 June in the Cup of "Rostelecom". For Berezovsky voted 55 percent of the callers to the office of the company "Rostelecom". Meanwhile, Berezovsky sent to Armenia to prepare for the next match of the qualifying round of Euro 2004. Opponents of the Armenian national team this time will be the national team of Ukraine.. . Читать полностью -->

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