Andrew Chervichenko believes that against Spartacus there is a conspiracy

Andrew Chervichenko believes that against Spartacus there is a conspiracyThe President of the Moscow "Spartak" Andrew Chervichenko believes that the game against CSKA went by different rules. About this Chervichenko said at a press conference after the match third round of the Russian football Premier League, in which red-white lost to CSKA Moscow 2:3."We believe that there is a conspiracy against Spartak, said Chervichenko. - Today, the teams played by different rules. A penalty, which was appointed by referee Valentin Ivanov in our gate was not in sight".In turn, the coach of "Spartak" Sergey Pavlov said that all 90 minutes of the match against CSKA, the referee judged in the same direction. Leaders Spartak stated that regarding the refereeing in the match they will take actions that are considered necessary.

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