Spain - Armenia. After the match

Spain - Armenia. After the matchCoach Spain iГ±aki sГЎez said after his team's game against the national team of Armenia, the merit of his team is that she "worked for the first half to settle for fruit in the second half of the meeting."""The Armenian team is very competently handled the ball, and played the first half at a very high level from the point of view of the work done on the field and created chances to score. As for our team, in the first half of her actions lacked definition. We did everything in the first half to the second to secure the win," said sГЎez.Basque specialist admitted that his team had pretty hard on the field, however, in his opinion, the game has changed radically in the direction of his team after the first goal Tristan."After the goal we were able to completely take the game into their own hands," said sГЎez.Also sГЎez said that he really liked the morale and attitude of the Armenian national team."From the beginning of the meeting, the team tried to win and rushed to attack. However, this in turn has led to the fact that the Armenians have not been able to play at the same pace and at the same level in the second half of the meeting".For his part, the coach of the national team of Armenia Romanian Mihai Stoichita complained that his team not having implemented it in the first half decent chances to score."In the second half, made itself felt weak physical form of our team. As for the first half, we looked no worse than the Spaniards and his game has created some difficulties," said Stoikite. According to the Romanian specialist, a good game of football was not rewarded properly."In the first half we had a very good chance to score. If we managed to seize this opportunity, then I think the next move of the match have proceeded in a somewhat different way. But the Spaniards did not forgive us when they had a chance to score," said Stoikite..

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