Yanovsky, Jarosik: Curse Loko removed

Yanovsky, Jarosik: Curse Loko removed- I actually scored Lokomotiv two goals, " says Jiri Jarosik. But first, the referee reversed - for unknown reasons. I was offside, and partners are not fouled.- Nevertheless, you have headed the list of scorers. Stay tuned for this fight?- Much more important is the success of the team, which is ready to meet all of my goals. But on combating snipers don't forget give. Yesterday got a call from my friend Rubin defender Nowotny, distinguished fourth time. "Now who's the cannon?" "she asked me. "Nothing, tomorrow will score and will overtake you," I say. In jest, of course, but it did!- The second goal no doubt have caused, but in the first case there was confusion. Igor, what's happened?" Kirichenko handed corner, a little mistake by the goalkeeper, and I struck his head in a gate - enters the conversation Igor Yanovsky. - The ball out of the line knocked Loskov. I saw it, but as the judge pointed to the center of the field, to rejoice was afraid the arbitrator was wrong?- You did not include in the application for the match in Georgia. It was a shame?- Bad moment, but life goes on. Lot of matches ahead, which means I have the opportunity to prove their worth.- What is associated with weak game of "Locomotive" in the attack?Janowski: - it is Difficult to judge someone else's team. It is known that "Loco" almost all of the forwards are injured. Besides, the team has a clear psychological decay: if the super Cup match railwaymen clearly added in the second half, but now this has not happened. However, I would not say that we have developed a complex of "Locomotive". In the same game for the super Cup, we lost only on penalties. And now the myth that over CSKA in the games against Lokomotiv hovers some kind of a curse, finally dispelled.Jarosik was Assumed that at such a disgusting light field Midfielders Loko will have the advantage. We have six or seven players who are stuck in heavy soil. But he said the Foundation laid at the training camp. Let us then was hard, but now the training bears fruit.Before the match we felt that in case of victory separation from the champion will amount to 11 points. It's pretty comfortable advantage, which he wanted to achieve at any cost. And in the first half we played, I think, very well. The first 20 minutes of the second half too. Then Lokomotiv took the initiative, however, moments and not created. But we could score two or three more times. So no one will say that our undeserved victory.Konstantin ALEKSEEV.

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