Destiny Romantsev will be solved today or tomorrow

Destiny Romantsev will be solved today or tomorrowIn Spartak another conflict is brewing. On Saturday, the team coach Oleg Romantsev called a press conference at which he announced that he was dissatisfied with the team President Andrew Chervichenko. In particular, Romantsev has indicated that the team have problems with financing, with the integration team, etc. Oleg Ivanovich said that is not going to resign. Today in an interview with the newspaper "Sport-Express" Chervichenko made "response", rather harshly criticizing Romantsev. "I can hardly understand what is going on. The reasons for this may be two. One uncertainty claiming in their own abilities and the desire to be safe in case of failure. And second - it may just be a rough morning. You know, there are different syndromes in the morning. Stuff happens," said Chervichenko. On Monday or Tuesday, according to Chervichenko, there will be a meeting of shareholders and Directors of the club, which will be decided the fate Romantsev..

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