Shinnik confidently finished the first round

Shinnik confidently finished the first roundThe favorite of the match in Yaroslavl was obvious. "Shinnik", though not always demonstrating a compelling game, steadily gaining ground, "Spartak-Alania", along with "torpedo-metallurg" - the main contender for the lower grade. The team lost seven games in a row, and one cannot say that these lesions were not on the game. "Shinnik" had problems with the game on the home field early in the season, when the quality of the field left much to be desired. However, with the onset of summer grass in the stadium "Shinnik" grown up, lawn leveled off and now, perhaps, complain it is not worth it. So Yaroslavtsev had every opportunity to play fluid football. However, in the first minutes of the game, none of the teams did not go. The ball stuck in the middle of the field, and to the earth he fell often. "Spartak-Alania", apparently, prepared to repel the starting pressure of the owners and therefore no hurry forward. "Shinnik" same with the onslaught didn't work out. Only after the first quarter hour "Shinnik" finally managed to seize the initiative. But from about the 15th minute Yaroslavl completely crushed the opponent. Especially was able to command a corner from the left flank. On 17 minutes, Shevchuk struck from close range, and Goncharov was forced to send the ball to the corner. After drawing standard in a very favorable position was Grishin, who was obliged if you do not score, then at least hit the target. However, the midfielder sent the ball past the bar, besides the gate was about five meters. Two minutes later in a similar situation facing Daev that came in the box, "Spartak-Alania" on a corner. The defender did not have just a half-step in order to hit the ball. And almost immediately Daev was again a striker. Goncharov wrong output, and if Vyacheslav could knock his head on goal, a goal would have held, however, held his hands to the ball and Daev not reached. In these moments of "Spartak-Alania" was not visible at all. Completely lost Menteshashvili, to whom were entrusted the duties of the Manager. He was constantly held up the ball and thereby inhibited the few attacks of the team that "Alania" sometimes conducted. In the end, "Alanya" had to go on long shots, mostly performed Ailarova that goal was not reached. "Shinnik" your onslaught has completed a logical goal. In the 36th minute Grishin managed a perfect pass from the right flank Martin Kushev that head in the fall moved the ball beautifully into the corner. Goncharov in this episode the team to help could not. One should rather blame the defender, who was responsible for the forward. Very comfortable feel Kushev in another penalty. "Spartak-Alania" goal has not been shaken. The match continued in the same vein. Starting the attack guests from the gate potters knocked the ball away in the box in the hope that somebody took over in the dugout for him hooked. However, very rarely in the forwards and Midfielders "Alania" was something worthwhile. More "Shinnik" took the ball and began their attack. It was not long after the goal Kusheva when "Shinnik" scored the second goal. After a corner kick from the right flank a little ball tossed in the penalty area and got to the Dubinsky, who in the splits poked him in the side of the gate. The blow was very strong, but for some reason neither pottery nor two defenders standing on the goal line, to reflect this impact could not. "Shinnik" went to the break with the score 2-0. In the second half, "Alania", apparently, received in the recess scolding from khudiyeva, played in a much more meaningful football than in the first. Especially trying in the neighborhood, which had in General a good match. Added sharpness to the action of "Spartacus" in the early half and Stepanov, substitute. The "Saturn" on the field appeared Kuchinov that have replaced the Khomukha, through whom in the first half were all the attacks of the team. It was evident that the Khomukha tired and tired, but because the output of the former striker Spartak looked logical. Kuchinov actively involved in the game, already in the first minutes of the half, we tried long-range shot to put the ball through Goncharov, but missed a bit. The game in the second half looked overall more fun. Several times successfully beat the distance of the gate Goncharova Vasilyev, but each time his blows lacked a bit of accuracy. "Alania" answered outputs Bazayeva, the most serious of which took place in the 73rd minute. The neighborhood went into the box, did a competent pause, threw him to the ground defender, but then, instead of from ten yards to knock on effect (such a shot would react just do not have time) Vladikavkaz decided to beat on the technique. The shot was weak, and Safonov picked up the ball easily. A few moments later from Bazayeva required is the punch, but he struck hard and the gate did not hit.

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