Forwards Locomotive begins to score when the team take a break from the League

Forwards Locomotive begins to score when the team take a break from the LeagueIn the first three rounds of forwards-Legionnaires "Loco" - Julio Cesar and Winston parks - not scored not once. After playing with Shinnik Brazilian and Costa Rican answered the questions of "SE".1. How would you rate his performance in the match against Shinnik?Winston parks, defender of "Locomotive" (came on as a substitute in the 57th minute):- the Match was very intense, so it was not easy, as a substitute immediately to get into the game. It seems to be made well and was even able to help the team to score a goal back. In the second half, in my opinion, we have demonstrated almost the maximum of their possibilities at the moment, given the fatigue accumulated in the beginning of the season because of a large number of games. Brains were designed to save the match, and we did it.Julio Cesar, defender of "Locomotive" (came on as a substitute in the 46th minute):- I Think I played well. Unfortunately, we failed to score, although the right moment was. What can you do: hitters sometimes miss the mark as well. Next time I'll get.2. Was it worthy, in your opinion, you have replaced Ruslan Pimenov?Parkes: - this question you better answer our coach - he knows better. In my opinion, and Pimenov, and I'm good players. Both want to go in the starting lineup and score goals.Julio Cesar: "don't think of myself as a replacement Yury Pimenov. I been out in the starting lineup along with him, and did his job. If this season will be able to demonstrate the best quality, will appear on the field from the first minute, not a replacement.3. Why attacking the "Locomotive", with the exception of the injured now Pimenov, not managed to score in any of the first three rounds of the championship of Russia?Parkes: - we played Against a very strong defenders, through which it was very difficult to break. But this is a temporary phenomenon. When we hit form, will definitely start to score. Defensive players will not be an immediate concern.Julio Cesar: "Because Lokomotiv only looking for your game. Lokomotiv known team actions, but we for some reason are not able to adjust them. Once again we will be a team, the forwards will begin to score.4. Why "locomotive" can not find my game?Parkes: I don't know what to answer. Ask the coach. He knows all things.Julio Cesar: it's simple. In the spring we had to accelerate training to play four games in the Champions League, and now look weaker physically. But fatigue will soon pass. Lokomotiv will rest and will to win.Dmitry TROSHIN.

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