Club licensing in Russia to be

Club licensing in Russia to beIn the press center of the Moscow sports complex "Luzhniki", a presentation of the licensing of the Russian football clubs in UEFA. The event was attended by the RFU President Vyacheslav Koloskov, General Secretary of the RFU Vladimir Radionov and the UEFA representative directly involved in this project Andrea Traverso, reporter Р РўР -РЎРїРѕСЂС‚.Ru. Mr. Traverso is the Deputy head of the Committee, which is responsible for financial criteria. In addition, the meeting was attended by representatives of Russian clubs.The first floor was Vyacheslav Koloskov: "Licensing will allow to reach a new level of control over the activities of the clubs. Control will be the national Federation, that is RFU. The goal of licensing is to raise the level of football in the country."Licensing involves 5 types of criteria:- sports;- infrastructure;- human resources and administration; legal; Finance.The total number of criteria - 50.Clubs of our country it will affect at the end of the financial year. That is, to December 31, clubs must submit the results of the audit. In the West financial year, the clubs traditionally ends in the summer.Mr. Traverso said that the main thing in the first stage for Russia to adapt the activities of the clubs to national legislation. You must have debts by the end of the financial year.In the second stage, and this 2006-2007, to disclose all financial activity of the club to UEFA.Third stage: any deviation from budget to notify UEFA, as well as for any request to inform UEFA completely.The fourth step: and this 2008-2009, according to the results of any stage to report on the success.The third and fourth points will have to Russia distant future.Mr. Traverso also noted that the licensing system is a real revolution in football. It was developed long ago, and in 2000, approved by FIFA. In March 2002, the UEFA Executive Committee approved all the documents and began preparations. At the moment we are working with the national federations. In the vanguard on this issue now are France, Austria and Germany. Also far away Scotland, which has carried out assessments on all salaries, so we can use them to draw conclusions..

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