Zenit - Rostov: analysis of the match

Zenit - Rostov: analysis of the matchThe zeros on the scoreboard does not show dangerous moments and, as they and their opponents from Rostov-on-don has created plenty.Before the match with Rostov Petersburg fans have configured more than optimistic. "If we Lokomotiv beat, Donetsk and even more so let's do it!" ? such conversations could be heard everywhere. Universal complacency are unable to dispel even the prevention of head coach of Zenit Vlastimil Petrzela. "Rostov ? a much more dangerous opponent than it seems at first glance", ? he repeated.However, the placement of teams on the field was confirmed by public opinion rather. The band seems to not even think about attacking game, delegating lone forward Maslova. However, behind the striker lurking trio of African legionaries ? Svane, Kampamba, Hendricks, in any circumstances, threatened the goal of "Zenit".The first danger in the penalty Malafeev arose in the 14th minute. After a free-kick lanky Booth struck very tightly to the rod, and the home side's goalkeeper parried the blow with great difficulty. Toward the end of the half, the visitors created another dangerous moment: Maslov led to a breakthrough Aspen, but Malafeev took the ball at his feet. The home team in the first half not remember anything at all.During the break of the universal recovery caused actively razminuvshis Shirl. The former fans have not cheated and released linebacker on the field. Together with Katulski, also a substitute, he considerably increased game Petrograd. The signal for the storming of the gates of the guests was a beautiful kick "scissors" Kerzhakov, which fell right in Blyznyuk. In the 66th minute after a series of ricochets the ball fell to the Katulsky ? seven feet he shot past.The most dramatic event occurred at the end of the meeting. Gartig beat his head into the empty net, but was unable to give the ball the right direction. In response aspen from 20 yards hit the post. And yet the last word should be left for the hosts. But gartig floating cross Shirla the second added minute, again managed to miss from three yards.Direct recisely BALAKHNIN, head coach of "Rostov":? The game turned out, that is, on all counts. We could either win or lose. But in General, the match left a very good impression. I'm pleased with it.Vlastimil the FORMER head coach of Zenit:? We lost two points. On the other hand, could not bring one. I want to mention that the opponent knew how to play against us. In addition, in the first half, Zenit operated slowly. Why? I don't know.? May be affected by the departure of the leading players in the national teams?? This fact has really become a problem for us. I knew that the preparation for this match will be no. For example, Hovsepyan I saw on Saturday. But nothing terrible happened, a draw with Rostov ? not a tragedy.Statistikaamet (St. Petersburg) - Rostov (Rostov-on-don) - 0:Zenit: Malafeev - 6,0, Radimov - 5,0 (Shirl, 46 - 5,5), Horak - 5,5, Hovsepian - 5,5, Spivak - 5,5, mareЕЎ - 6,0, Arshavin is 5.5 (Osipov, 82 - 5,5), Kerzhakov is 5.5, Hartig - 5,5, Vjestica - 6,0, Konoplev - 5,5 (Katulsky, 63 - 5,5).Rostov: Bliznyuk - 6,0, Krusic - 5,0, Ragoczy - 5,0, Datsenko And 5.0, Aspen - 6,0, Svane - 5,5, Maslov - 5,5 (Kanyenda, 69 - 5,0), Booth - 5,5, Kampamba - 5,5, Hendrix - 6.0 (Brovin, 82 - 5,0), Maksimov Is 5.5.Player of the match: Milan Vjestica ("Zenith").Punishment: aspen, 14 - rough play, Ragoczy, 24 rough game, Arshavin, 43 - unsportsmanlike conduct, mareЕЎ, 63 - rough play, Booth, 76 rough game, Maksimov, 89 -- foul play - warnings.Referees: A. Kolobaev (Moscow), V. Ghana (Protvino), O. Lukshin (Chelyabinsk).Inspector B. Ryabko (Krasnodar).6 April. Saint-Petersburg. The Petrovsky Stadium. Cloudy With A Chance Of Snow. 0 degrees. 22 000 spectators. The price of tickets 70-300 rubles. Play time: 93.00 (1st half: 45.00, 2nd half: 48.00).Shots on goal: 11-6, of them on target: 1-3, out of the box: 5-2, for free: 6-4, rod: 0-1, beam: 0-0, corner: 10-1, offsides: 0-2, fouls: 3-16.Match doubles: 1:0 (Randjelovic)..

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