Soap Opera. Series В¦ 2003

Soap Opera. Series В¦ 2003God, uninteresting happened last championship! From the point of view of the judges. Even in the gold match to what was to complain about. Scandals could be counted on the fingers, and then only early in the season. And cries of "Judge on the soap!" were heard from the stands rather by inertia. However, I'm sorry, now shout from the stands differently: "Judge, three-two-time" or "Judge, these are the times" that fact, however, does not change. Boring.But now, after only five rounds, fun - and a conspiracy involving the arbitrators and the RFU, and the suspension Baskakov, Khodyreva, Ivanova, Martynova, Vlasov, and hours watching videos of the matches. That's a real, full-fledged football life!Just kidding of course. Yes and I would not like to dwell on refereeing and forget about the other problems of our beloved football - for example, excessive, in my opinion, is the number of legionaries, the shortcomings in the education of new players and coaches or gaps in functional and tactical development of players. But where without judging?!Reasoning on the subject, I catch myself on some kind of split personality, that in the one person speak at once in two forms - a Pessimist and an Optimist.- In no other country the arbitrators do not allow so many mistakes! - says the Pessimist.- Why, then, our compatriots, playing abroad, they say that Russian judges are among the best in Europe? says the Optimist. Isn't Italy with her Collini each tour is shaken by scandals? Isn't there in 2001 Montella scored the winning goal in the meeting as Roma - Parma, that determined the champion of the country, and the judge erroneously recorded the "offside" his partner, who interfered with the goalie? In a similar situation in last year's match Dinamo - CSKA are very well sorted out our Zuev and Ginsburg, but were "not understood" by the army. Isn't China staged a demonstration trial of a football referee?Isn Russian citizenship in Frisco, did not notice the fouls in the penalty area during the recent Champions League match real Madrid - Manchester United? Isn't the Russian Ivanov is the only Europeans who will judge the meeting of the confederations Cup? And what countries would give me hard time at the world Cup 2002 in Japan and Korea? Isn't the Dutchman Lange, in the last week unfairly removed two leading players in the championship and "forgotten" to punish another, took a time-out indefinitely?Pessimist: But because the cost of failure, as they say bosses clubs, now increased so much money invested in new players! Yes and judges for the second year in a row pay money a lot!Optimist: Yes, our income servants football Themis, they say, not on the last place in Europe. In Russia the chief referee in the Premier League based on 45 thousand rubles per match plus a bonus. Suspended from officiating Ivanov will not receive more than 200 thousand rubles. But 40 - 70 thousand pounds a year (they pay in England), 3068 euros per match (the fee in Germany), over 130 thousand euros (the amount earned by the Italian Collini 10 months) or 3 thousand Swiss francs (fee per game in the Champions League) is unlikely to have a decisive importance. Especially for those of our judges who do their business - for example, Egorova.The cost of failure of any person is always high, whether judge, striker, goalkeeper, minesweeper, surgeon or trainer of tigers. However, nowhere do of the arbitrator whom, as we have, not satisfied with Kinotavr" with dvuhmatchevyh nominations and with the involvement of a jury of leading critics. Views of videos practiced in addition to Russia, it seems, only in Bulgaria, Romania and Portugal.Judges are shaking, afraid to make even a minor mistake melcat and come up with penalty-free, penalty, or, conversely, miss violations are judged not by the rules, and according to the situation. This pressure rarely are players shooting in "milk", not scoring the decisive penalty, striking a save or let "butterflies". And the consequences of severe pressure, ask Filimonov.By the way, perhaps it is psychological background is largely smeared debut arbitrator Gonchar. Imagine, he played a game in front of the head of the Premier League and Zenit Mutko, the President of the College football referees Lesnikova and head of the inspection Committee Spirina! Though, probably, and the level of training of the Sochi judge does not allow it at this stage to serve these games.Pessimist: the Mass of methodological errors, differences in the interpretation of the same scenes, different penalties for the same violations, lack of physical training... With such claims is difficult to argue! The work of judges now see the whole country, the benefit of four TV channels broadcast at least half of the matches of each round. And yet - strange to see healthy men in black, running around the field from the players and hears unpunished three-storey mate.Optimist: Flaws, I admit, many more. One reason is differences in the levels of readiness of the teams and the referees for the season. Matches of professionals cater to fans. Short-term judges in Cyprus is incomparable with almost three-month fees of clubs. The problem arose with the collapse of the Soviet Union and there in recent years.Not every referee can, figuratively speaking, to get the hand (in the sense to get some practice) in the offseason to work on friendlies. And in themselves of physical and theoretical training is not enough. Although with the advent of the Premier League and considerable financial investments of the judiciary positive developments have taken place.But, of course, our referees have to study, study and study. And also to prepare young recruits. And then new Latysheva, Lapatovich, Kazakova and husainovich is not yet in sight. Tactics with the game on the line you need to get used faster - there is an opinion that often the assistant referees judging by the Libero, now often find themselves trapped. Ask Samartsev, whose acute attack seven times this year was interrupted by whistles.Yes, lack of operational readiness of arbitrators. But then part of the blame must be given to the leadership of CFA Try in time to be at the desired point of the field, "run to the episode" in the boots technical sponsor, comparable to nerazrushennymi tarpaulin boots. While others go out on the lawn cannot contract is not commanded.But, I agree, and such boots do not interfere with sometimes to run from disgruntled players. Which, of course, is not a Directive leadership, will not increase the authority of the arbitrator and penalizes the players themselves. Because then they just behave and in international matches. And there is much tougher: touched referee - get at least a yellow.Materok - language Russian football. I wonder what could be the rating of the TV coverage, if we learn from the French? There recently in the Cup game Marseille - Bastia "judges equipped with special microphones - so during the live broadcast was heard all think about each other referees, players and coaches...the Pessimist: still not for nothing is said about biased refereeing.Optimistic Bias, as I understand it, should be stimulated. If so, then there is an occasion to recall the principles of fair play, which agreed last season. But if there are facts, evidence, evidence that they had been trampled on, - with a dishonest referee Premier League and leave the club-the customer. To assist in investigations, among other things, can help one of the judges - FSB Lieutenant Colonel Rigg with colleagues from "office" or "neighbors" from the interior Ministry.Maybe do without the men in black? Why Mar the holiday? Let out on the field with a whistle presidents, coaches. Or players - captains - in the end HEH century in England. Or leave them as members of a great football play? Otherwise we will continue so much to write? Who will be to blame for their own mistakes coaches? Who will prevent players to score?Perhaps, to you, dear readers, will be boring without judges.Alexander BOBROV.

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