Raul shot again according to the DOJ doublet

Raul shot again according to the DOJ doubletStriker of real Madrid Raul became the hero of the last match against Manchester United in the Central quarterfinal game of the Champions League striker managed to score two goals. His take, coupled with the ball held by Luis Figo, predetermined landslide victory of real Madrid over the "Red devils".? It was an exciting match, with dangerous moments, with goals, with bad refereeing ? said Raul. ? The victory was a wonderful, well-deserved gift for "real" and all of our fans who have waited for this meeting with a special look.? How do you assess the chances of Manchester United to play two balls in the return game?? Nothing has been decided yet: the winner is open, and we still have to suffer in Manchester. Already in the locker room at the Santiago Bernabeu my partners spoke only about what we need to score Barthez and in England. Indeed, sometimes the advantage of not only two goals, but more is not sufficient for success. In the English team players of the highest class, especially in midfield and attack. Will single out Giggs, Beckham and van Nistelrooy, who try most of the game in the opposition half of the field.But real Madrid also has excellent performers. I think in the return match, the fans will see a real performance attacking game. If we score on "old Trafford" at least one goal, the opponent will be very difficult to turn the tide in their favor.? You already spent nine goals in the Champions League in 2002/03. Satisfied with this performance?? I'm sure I'll score more. At least van Nistelrooy, which account for 11 goals, I'll try to catch up in the next match. Let's see, three years ago I spent two goals at Manchester United FC in his field, scored twice this time. Why on April 23, again not to show off double against the English team? Will make every effort to not only be compared with van Nistelrooy, but to be ahead of him. Although, to be honest, I would prefer to score a little, but every year, to win in the main club tournament of the Old world.? You are often called by the player showing the most stable game in the "real". To address Ronaldo, on the contrary, periodically sound unflattering. What you're going to play together with this forward?? Ronaldo ? the acknowledged master of the ball that he repeatedly proves how the matches in the Spanish League, Champions League and in the national team. Maybe he's not entirely successfully played against Manchester United, but not the same in every game to score or make an assist. I am happy to play with Ronaldo in the same team and don't want to criticize him. I want to remind that Roni has scored 14 goals in the Spanish championship, despite the fact that missed the start of the season because of injury.? Recently the head coach of Manchester United, Alex Ferguson has accused UEFA of the dishonest conduct of the draw, saying that his club deliberately brought with real Madrid in the quarterfinals. How do you feel about these statements?? This is a personal opinion. Anyone has a right to Express their point of view on various issues, but it is not necessary to take into account and explore every phrase. Most of all I am impressed by the position of Roberto Carlos, who, after hearing about the interview Ferguson, traditionally turned everything into a joke.? If "real" will be released in the semi-finals, his opponent may become Barcelona.? Well, in that case, the fans will see three "El Clasico" in the next month. Because very soon we are playing Barcelona in the championship. Personally I wouldn't mind going again to compete against FC Barcelona in the Champions League. Despite all the troubles that befell Barcelona this season, the Catalan club remains one of the strongest in Spain and in the world.Dmitry Rakowicki.

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