For the first time Russia lost midget football

For the first time Russia lost midget footballOn Saturday, the national team of Russia on football entered the nightmarish Chapter in its history. For the first time the Russian national team lost the match to the team having a solid reputation as a "midget football". On the field of Albanian town of Shkoder team Valery Gazzaev was defeated Albania with the score 1:3.The city of Shkodra, where the Russian team held their first official match in this season, on the last Saturday of March lived football. Local TV - turns out there is, two hours before the match start the live broadcast of the approaches to the stadium. And an hour before the match the local stadium, which usually plays the champion of the country 'Vllaznia', was half full. Actually, he never filled: 16 thousand places is about 14 thousand. Several hundred watched the match from the Windows and roofs of neighboring houses.It was the first since 1959, the year the game our players in Albania (in 1946 and 1951 came 'Spartacus' in 1953 and 'Zenith', 'Spartacus' and Moscow Dynamo', and in 1959 - 'Moldova', Kyiv Dynamo 'and the same 'Spartacus') . Interestingly, none of the members of the Russian delegation as well as none of the journalists in this country before that never was. And the RFU President Vyacheslav Koloskov a visit to the country 'closed' map of Europe - in all other countries hitherto he had been.The starting lineup of the Russian team was somewhat surprised. If the lack of Viktor Onopko be attributed to a slight injury he had received the previous day in training (coaching staff just decided to keep veteran), it is missing the request of Dmitry Khokhlov seemed rather odd. However, Gazzaev seen them in action for the past week, and perhaps it seemed to him that the player 'real-Sociedad' ready to play a little worse than the rest. Whatever it was, and Khokhlov and debutant team Konstantin Konoplev went to Albania tourists.In this case, Valery Gazzaev has given a chance to debutant Alexander Tochilin, as well as players of the so-called 'gessevskaja appeal' - Eugene Aldonin and Alexei Berezutsky.All three of them were in the starting lineup. Questions evoked candidacy goalkeeper, however, despite the disqualification in the Russian League, post number one was entrusted to an experienced Sergei Ovchinnikov.Perhaps it is our goalie for the first half could be awarded the highest marks. However, everything in order. Albanian national team started the match with hard pressure. The first five minutes of our not had the opportunity to organize even the semblance of an attack. However, three defenders - Nizhegorodov, Ignashevich and Aleksei Berezutski together with two supporting - Adoniram and Smartini did not give the Albanians nor even the slightest opportunity to get closer to goal Ovchinnikov.Freed from the pressure, the Russians tried to organize the attack. Tiny had Kerzhakov and Arshavin, but their attempts failed. Besides far better acted wingers - Gusev and Tochilin.The first alarm call for the Russians was made at the 18th minute. After a corner kick the ball darted to the penalty, Tara struck the crossbar. Suddenly the Belgian referee Alerts showed on the 11-meter mark, presenting Nizhegorodov yellow card. Why he did so, no one immediately did not understand. Only later when the replay revealed that Nizhegorodov, like real goalkeeper parried the ball with his hands. To the point headed Klodian duro to score but he has not given Ovchinnikov, reflecting the impact of the feet. Three minutes duro corrected. After "shotgun" Guseva he got the ball in the penalty area and shot on goal. Ovchinnikov in an incredible jump hit the ball, but none of the defenders could not cover the Altyn Rakli, speaking once in the Bundesliga. Immediately forward of the Turkish 'Diyarbakirspor' scored into an empty net, and Albanians took the lead.To recover from this blow Russians took about twenty minutes. At first Tara and his partners in the Albanian national team felt almost masters in our penalty area, but fortunately, it was not always possible to break or get in the gate. Then gradually the initiative returned to the Russian team. A couple of times in the closing stages to equalize could Tochilin, but did not use best moments: In the end to break the Russians disappeared, giving the opponent 0:1.For unused in the first half of moments Tochilin place in the composition of the paid - in the second half came Andrey Karyaka. And then the team earned their left flank. And after six minutes on the right edge was transferred Semak - Rolan Gusev gave place to the second forward Vladimir Beschastnykh.The entire second half, the Russians held at the opponent's goal. Albanians tried to stall for time, continuously minutes were lying on the lawn. However, with the counter they have not gone wrong. Only once Tara dangerous shot on goal from thirty yards, and then past the gate.The Russians tried to build the game on sheds, but in this component, they did not really work. Two things had acute Kerzhakov played. First time after his shot from eight yards the ball went right from the bar, and five minutes later, midfielder, "Zenit" with the penalty charge just over the crossbar. As time went on, and to pick up the keys to the gates of Strakosha Valeriy gazaeva and could not.It is not surprising, because the Albanians completed the main task is still the middle of the first half, and beat off much easier than something new.In the end, the Russians managed to shake the opponent's defense. Active Karyaka almost created a goal in the 66th minute but Beschastnykh could not handle the ball in the penalty area. But : the moment the player himself 'the Wings of the Soviets', having received the accurate pass from Loskov, broke his left and struck the Strakosch - 1:1.Here the Russians rushed to score... and missed. It Altin Lala, having overcome lingering resistance to the Russian defenders, was on the right side and struck Ovchinnikov. Joy Albanians there was no limit to two minutes, when our Keeper seemingly caught the ball, but then released him from himself - plays for Italian 'Brescia' Igli Tare scored the third goal.The Russians still had six minutes plus three added. But nothing at this time could not be established. Thus, team Russia suffered the most humiliating defeat in its history..

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