Spartak - Zenit. Before the match

Spartak - Zenit. Before the matchSpartak and Zenit always played against each other in open game - winning. The more interesting duel core of forwards commands - Roman Pavlyuchenko and Alexander Kerzhakov.Sychev - last Spartak each Kerzhakov? For me personally the game with Spartak always principled ? says Kerzhakov. ? What we in St. Petersburg, in Moscow matches are never boring.? Have not yet discussed against Spartak upcoming fight?? No. After leaving Sycheva to France friends among the red and white of my left. There are good friends: Egor Titov, Roman Pavlyuchenko.? The audience is waiting for your duel with Pavlyuchenko.? Is this normal ? more commonly affect the gate it forwards. But personally, I would satisfy our victory in this match and scored without my goals.? After confident wins two matchdays "Zenit" have somewhat slowed. Why is that?? In the first rounds we played on the emotions. There was some mixture of attitude and commitment. Not to say that then it was all gone. Dulled ? that is probably the right word. You know, many are wondering: what is the "Zenith" is real ? the one that was in the first two rounds or who stumbled in a pair of the following?? You have the answer to this question?? I want to believe that this "Zenit" you will see in the future. Perhaps in the match against "Spartak". Although, it seems, conceding slowly out of the crisis. Recovered after injury Titov, and this is a big plus for the team.Lonely Pavlyuchenko in the attack is not boring? I alone found do not have to miss that ? said Pavlyuchenko. ? In the game against Uralan" we spent several acute attacks, which actively participated wingers - Vasily Baranov and Alexander Pavlenko. It was the coach's chance to attack the flanks. This tactic, by the way, has paid off and I scored with flanking transmission.? Ahead of their match with listentome thought your traditional kindness disappeared somewhere-? Now in a good mood already feel that we started to play together. And not so long ago, really, the fun of the occasion was not one disorder. Happened more than once that in conversations with journalists threatened to beat one and then the other team, and that came out?! Therefore, extra heavy concentration in time for the team not hurt.? What do you say about Zenit and your colleague on the role Kariakoo?? I know that is their this match is crucial. Not every capital team the name "Horny" - "Spartak". I know for myself, for the days of playing for the "Rotor". As for Kerzhakov - He called to the national team and probably wants to show itself in all its glory on the eve of departure for the national team. Therefore, it will be doubly dangerous.Estimated costabissara: Zuev - Kovtun, Pinheiro, Luizao, Kebe - Vashchuk, Titov, Smirnov, sheep, Pavlenko - Pavlyuchenko.Zenit: Malafeev ? MareЕЎ, Horak, Vjestica, Hovsepyan ? Spivak, Igonin, Radimov, Arshavin, Shirl ? Kerzhakov.on April 23. 17.00 (RTR - 17.20)Moscow. The torpedo stadium. Eduard Streltsov"Spartak" / "Zenit"Previous game: 9=2-5,balls 27:freebie games in Moscow: 5=1-2, balls 18:Poslednyaya game in Moscow: 4:3 (Beschastnykh-2, Kebe, Sychev - Kerzhakov-2, Arshavin) Scorers: Titov - 5 / head - poslednee home defeat: 23.03.03 "Spartak-Alania" - 1:2 / Last away win: Lokomotiv - 2:1 22.03.03 Injured: Bugs, Demenko, Parfenov / Katulsky, Filatov, Cvetkovska Evstigneev (Queens).

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