Toshack advises Beckham not to abandon the transition in real

Toshack advises Beckham not to abandon the transition in realThe former coach of real Madrid John Toshack believes that if David Beckham will go to the camp of the Royal club which will be beneficial for his future career progression. Toshack, a former player who spent at Liverpool about 250 games, once headed and the club of Madrid."If all those rumors that Beckham should go to the "real" will become reality, I would advise the Englishman that he in any case gave a positive answer to the question of transition. Simply, there are many positive sides, chtoby Beckham took this decision. He, probably five years the odds, and when the opportunity arises, we should definitely take advantage of," said John Toshack. Rumors that Beckham will leave the "old Trafford" took a new turn after the "star" of English football in recent matches for "Manchester United" sat the bench. Note that the Toshack during your first year of work in the "Real world", but rather in 1990, the year, became the champion of Spain."Years ago, inviting players, we proceeded from the fact that a particular player will give the maximum benefit, but the current President, Florentino Perez probably thinks well as the guarantees for sales of around 20,000 t-shirts. The position of Beckham in Real Madrid plays the Portuguese Luis Figo, and the approach is more promising Oscar Minambres. Excluded that the leadership of the "real" put on the transfer Figo, so I am inclined to think that the transition Beckham is unlikely. I don't think they are interested in the services of Beckham, but these days you can expect all sorts of surprises," said Welsh specialist..

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