Valeriy Gazzaev: I Welcome the desire to play

Valeriy Gazzaev: I Welcome the desire to playApril 25, in Kislovodsk, the Russian team will begin to prepare for its second season in the away game. It will be held in Tbilisi on April 30 in front of empty stands. Valery Gazzaev admitted that neither in fighting past or present coaching he has not yet had matches without spectators. But it is not the main problem of the Russian national team and its coach.One of the main, perhaps, is the need for at least now, after months, carefully comprehend the reasons Albanian fiasco. That is to stop thinking about him at all, and in particular to stop thinking that Russia lost because of bad judges.On the question of how forgotten for him Skadarska history, Valery Gazzaev said: 'It has long been in the past. From the moment the game ended. You exaggerate everything...'. One more question about the fundamental validity of a new misfire coach ignored.Well, let us not exaggerate. The more and the verb is kind of ugly. However, there is a real problem, even in Albania, the former is relevant, and does not deny Gazzaev. 'I'll be honest, I have concerns about the defense," he admitted. - They are connected with not too good a game this season defenders 'Locomotive' that are attracted to the team. You saw: in Albania Nizhegorodov and Ignashevich not too well played, and I then in a private conversation to them the claims made'. Should not therefore surprising that in team - Evsikov, whose goal is to become a solid player base CSKA still more important assertions in the MAG team. But to call someone Gazzaev not as those who are near him?Another misfortune is not izbica still disqualification Ovchinnikov. Gazzaev only consolation is that Sergey seriously works in training 'Locomotive'.Far more impressive is the situation in the middle - traditionally our most rich and the front line commands. From the usual candidates in Tbilisi will not only go armeec Gusev, and even then, as assured Gazzaev, due to injury, but not gaming considerations. But the team arrived in from everywhere. Recovered and showed a decent level of play Spartacist Titov, and Alenichev, with the world Cup not attracted to the team, has become a major player 'Port'. In this Gazzaev was convinced, after watching the UEFA Cup matches and interviews with Dmitry on the phone. 'Dmitry, I found a very great desire to play in the national team - I welcome it. Exactly the same desire have Titova', - said Valery Gazzaev.The best players with the first team shared 'Junior' Andrei Chernyshov that his match in Tbilisi in October of last year wisely played in natural lighting. The team of Valery Gazzaev will strengthen Gogniev, Izmailov and Sychev.Empty stands Tbilisi stadium 'locomotive' for Gazzaev will become a nuisance. Comfort of any party to UEFA's decision not add. 'The players have to feel the breath of the audience', says Gazzaev. Instead, on April 30 they will feel the breath of the past: Chairman of Sakrebulo (local legislative body Tbilisi city hall) Mikhail Saakashvili announced that the nakedness of the stands will cover the 500-meter flag of medieval Georgia: five red crosses on a white panel. 'Flag on the empty stands will remind the players of the team that is behind all of Georgia' - said Saakashvili. The Chairman of the city Council made it clear that this flag has yet to sew, and now certainly been hard at work, but why choose medieval symbolism, did not elaborate. Apparently, if the flag does not inspire Georgian players to win, you can say that to the present he has nothing, and to punish the shadows of the past - not in our power.Valery Gazzaev.

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