The Toldo stand wall

The Toldo stand wallFrancesco Toldo will recall your last visit to the Mestalla". At the last minute response to the quarterfinals of last year's UEFA Cup goalkeeper "inter" has been removed from the field. However, the Italian team was able to win with the score 1:0, which allowed her to reach the semi-finals, because in the first match was a draw 1:1.A year later, the 31-year-old goalkeeper returns to Spain for the second-leg quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League. This time, thanks to a goal from Christian Vieri "inter" there is minimal advantage that, in the opinion of Toldo who will allow his team again to knock Valencia out of the fight."I hope that this match will be quieter," said the Toldo, whose growth falls short of 4 inches to 2 - meter mark. In last year's game the score was opened by Nicola Ventola, then Valencia unleashed a barrage of attacks at the gate "inter". However, Toldo, was in great shape, repelled all attacks of the Spaniards, including the most dangerous attacks Francisco Rufete and Vicente.Remembering that tense meeting, Toldo says: "I had a lot of work, and our team got nervous high school football fans". The crowd of guests clutched his heart, when 5 minutes before the end of the match, Toldo received a second yellow card for tightening time. At the gate stood a former player for Valencia Francisco Farinos, which helped the Italian club to bring the match to win. It was the first home defeat for Valencia for almost 10 years.Born in Padua, Toldo believes that the most dangerous in the composition of the Spaniards, dreaming of revenge, will be John Carew and Pablo Aimar. Two weeks ago at the San Siro Argentine playmaker nearly equalized in the 63rd minute, but the Toldo in great style saved his team. "I think the most dangerous players for Valencia - Carew and Aimar, said Toldo. - Argentinian moves across the field at lightning speed and it is extremely difficult to contain, and he leads the entire game with Valencia. Carew is very strong physically and has a good kick with his right foot".The Toldo, protecting the gate of the "inter" in all 13 games of the Champions League this year, may as well leave it again forwards "Valencia". Goalkeeper Santiago Canizares said that admires the game only two of their colleagues - Toldo and his competitor for the Italian national team Gianluigi Buffon. This fact should certainly add confidence to the main goalkeeper of inter."Many say that we are nervous, but it is not so. These people have never been in the locker room, "inter" and don't know what's going on there," said the Toldo. However, Valencia have a chance of success, because the defense of "inter" is missed in the current UEFA Champions League with 16 goals. Of the eight teams remaining in the tournament, the same has missed only "Manchester United", defense rest looks more reliable.The hosts forward John Carew believes that his team could win. "I think inter will play on defense. To overcome the defenses of the opponent, we must use the full width of the field. It is the "Valencia" will have more possession, and we intend to play with full dedication for 90 minutes," said the Norwegian. The Spanish team will really have to pull their socks up, because the goal of "inter" protects the Toldo, confident in the repetition of last year's scenario..

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