Golden boot should be fit to Christian Vieri

Golden boot should be fit to Christian VieriEuropean national Championships in the homestretch. Reached its climax and the battle of the best snipers, the most accurate of which will get the coveted trophy ? "Golden boot".For anybody not a secret that football decorate goals, as well as those who produce them. So, in this respect approaching the end of the European season was just as impressive. Longstanding records are falling one after the other. In the Champions League Dutchman van Nistelrooy scored eleven goals that anyone before him in the tournament hitherto failed. But his back still and ambitious Hernan Crespo from inter and Filippo Inzaghi AC Milan.Not less worthy feats forwards and make the national Championships. And here take the cake inter forward Christian Vieri. The mind boggles! In the Italian League where defenders are not that air forwards and literally hang on their shoulders, Bobo managed to pin 24 of the ball, swinging round on the mark of 30 goals. When clear of the nearest competitor was already nine goals. Obviously, become the main sniper of the Italian championship Vieri nobody hurt.But in the struggle for the prize of "Golden boot award, which is awarded to the best scorer of the European Championships, the forward inter competition is already serious. However, in this dispute Bobo already has a decent advantage.In the last match against Milan Vieri was not able to top-up your account. However, after the meeting, all Christian said: "In the remaining matches you will see Bobo, seeking to score and win. I will never quench your thirst goals. Every accurate shot brings me so much happiness that emotions just overwhelm me, I want to repeat their success over and over again. Moreover, my teammates understand me perfectly. My heart and goals forever I gave inter.Worthy of a true goalscorer. So the "Golden boot", I think, have Vieri fit.It remains only to explain how there were glasses in the dispute over the "Golden boot". All European leagues apart in terms of size, taking into account the performances of the clubs in these countries in European competition, and each has a superiority factor by which to multiply all the goals of the players. The most high ? two ? for five of the elite leagues: England, Germany, Spain, Italy, France. So the players in these countries will have an advantage. This takes into account only the goals scored in the championship. If the player moves from one club to another during the season and thus changing the ratio, the credit footballer are only goals for the first club.The position of leaders in the dispute over the "Golden boot" on 15 April, Kalubowila.Points Kristian Vereinten, Italiano Manageportal, Hispanicas Bitesaugmentin, Angelita CAIMANES, Hollandia,540,55 Thierry Aquarena, Anglearc Larsonallen, Skotlandia,537,57 Andrew KRYLOFF, Estonian Carmenpunk, Armeneau VAN NISTELROY, Anglican Nandemonai, Franceit Politboro, Franciaco Kovacevica Sociedad, Spanier VAN Hoogeveen, Hollandia,you, Germanely Chirurgical UTD Anglican Natrual Sociedad, Espanyol Songgang, Belgia,531,518 Giovane Alberbury, Germanelo Inzerillo, Italiano, Esperian of Veridata of birth: 12 July 1973.Height 185 cm, weight 82 kg Position: forward.Club: Inter.In last year's championship, scoring 22 goals in 25 games.In the 2002/03 season: 24 goals in 22 matches.Last match: inter ? Milan ? 0:1.The remaining matchi April: Brescia ? Enter April: inter ? Lazio may: Atalanta ? Inter may: inter ? Parma may: Modena ? Inter may: inter - Parodiameramente winning the prize: 70%.Pros: among the rivals inter in the remaining matches are not included with the giants. Great form.Cons: Vieri there are not too many matches to replenish the account. "Inter" to the end of the championship noticeably tired.Stetina club level Christian Vieri has scored 180 goals (154 Championships, 16 ? in national cups, 10 ? in European competition). So already this year, he may submit to the mark of 200 balls.Thanks to the ball sent to the gates of Valencia in the Champions League match, Vieri has entered the top ten of the best snipers in the "inter" in its history. Now, on account Bobo 86 goals in black and blue.Vieri scored more than one goal per game, spending in Serie a this season in just 22 games, 1931 or minute (on average, he hits the target every 80 minutes!).Main concurency. Roy Makedata of birth: March 9, 1975.Height 188 cm, weight 75 kg Position: forward.Club: Deportivo.In last year's championship, he scored 12 goals in 30 games.In the 2002/03 season: 22 goals in 24 games.Last match: Barcelona ? Deportivo ? 2:4 (2 goals)Remaining matches:April 20 ? Deportivo ? Sevilla April ? Mallorca ? Deportivo may ? Deportivo ? Recreativo may ? Malaga ? Deportivo may ? Deportivo ? Valencia may ? Celta ? Departementet winning the prize: 10% Pros: "Deportivo" shows decent performance in recent matches. Of the remaining opponents, only Valencia and Celta" claim to a high place.Cons: Mackay can boast the fact that he plays for the whole team. But because the Dutchman falls largely due to the individual craftsmanship assist to replenish your account.Mackay: "I asked my personal record for the number of goals scored in the drawing, one championship, and therefore, you can consider out an individual plan for the season".2. James Bytedata of birth: February 27, 1978.Height 185 cm, weight 76 kg Position: forward.Club: Southampton.In last year's championship, he scored 12 goals in 28 games.In the 2002/03 season: 21 goals in 32 matches.Last match: Southampton ? West Ham United ? 1:1 (1 goal)Remaining matches:April 19 ? Southampton ? Leeds United April ? Birmingham City ? Southampton April ? Charlton Athletic ? Southampton may ? Southampton ? Bolton Wanderers may ? Arsenal ? Southampton may ? Manchester City ? Southamptongazette winning the prize: 5% Pros: an invitation to the national team of England inspired Beatty to new exploits. In the next four matches, "Southampton" going to meet the most formidable foes.Cons: team Beatty almost fulfilled all set for the season tasks, taking place in the middle of the table, and all strength give to winning the FA Cup.Beatty: "I'm not ready to be on a par with the great forwards".3. Matei Segmentata of birth: April 12, 1979.Height 180 cm, weight 71 kg Position: forward.Club: PSV.In last year's championship, scoring 15 goals in 27 games.In the 2002/03 season: 27 goals in 26 matches.Last match: Kind ? PSV ? 2:3 (2 goals)Remaining matches:April 19 ? PSV ? Twente April ? De AFC Champions League ? PSV may ? PSV ? Alkmar may ? PSV ? Exelsior may ? Feyenoord ? PSV may ? PSV ? Utrecht may ? Groningen ? Poweroffset winning the prize: 5% Pros: in the Dutch League are not the most powerful clubs, and PSV there was only one serious battle with Feyenoord. PSV ? top contender for the gold medal championship, and Kezman ? his striking force. In the team he has virtually no competitors in the line of attack.Cons: the Netherlands is among the countries whose ratio is 1.5, and therefore the goals scored by Kezman, some lose their value.Kezman: "personal record I've only one goal. But I'm not going to stop there".4. Thierry Unidata of birth: August 17, 1977.Height 188 cm, weight 83 kg Position: forward.Club: Arsenal.In last year's championship, he scored 23 goals in 33 games.In the 2002/03 season: 19 goals in 31 matches.Last match: Aston Villa ? Arsenal ? 1:ostavshiesa matches:April 16 ? Arsenal ? MY April ? Middlesbrough ? Arsenal April ? Bolton Wanderers ? Arsenal may ? Arsenal ? Leeds United may ? Arsenal ? Southampton may ? Sunderland ? Arsenalotti winning the prize: 5% Pros: rivals Arsenal in addition to "MU" are the clubs that have almost nothing this season.Cons: Arsene Wenger is increasingly began to produce Henri replacement. Its separation from Vieri is already high.Henry: "For me, titles are not important. Gold medal championship is much more important. After we were knocked out of the Champions League, we must win the remaining two trophy".5. Henrik Lessandra of birth: 20 September 1971.Height 178 cm, weight 72 kg Position: forward.Club: Celtic.In last year's championship, scored 29 goals in 33 games.In the 2002/03 season: 25 goals in 28 games.Last match: Celtic ? Kilmarnock ? 2:0 (1 goal)Remaining matches:April 19 ? Harts ? Celtic may ? Motherwell ? Selcuklu matches the final polycavernoside winning the prize: 5% Pros: Larsson for the past several years scored more than twenty goals a season.Cons: not the highest coefficient of the Scottish championship, 1,5, leaves little Larsson chance to win a prize "Golden boot" for the second time in his career.Larsson: "Not everything is measured goals. I have seen many things in his lifetime. Therefore, now just enjoy the game".Oleg Ablashi.

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