Spartak. Evaluation of the FE

Spartak. Evaluation of the FEBUGS and 5.0. Shares with Vaschuk responsible for the goal Karachi - shot hit the near corner. Twice bailed out, eliminating the mess Gaucho, reflecting a strong impact Tikhonova from outside the penalty area.KOVTUN is 4.5. Constantly mistaken in the choice of positions and the transmission, which led to a sharp counterattack.MOISÉS is 6.0. Impeccably acted on the interceptions, broke the attack at the expense of skilled and competent selection. Saved "Spartak" from the goal, ahead ready to close horse feed Beaver. Earned a penalty after the draw which rams tied the score.LUISÃO is 6.0. As in the match against CSKA, found obstinacy and tenacity in fighting for the ball. But some bad passes.BARANOV is 5.5. A lot of flaws compensated, equalized, and having in stoppage time to prevent the kick Karachi with a few meters.VASHCHUK to 5.0. Having missed Caraco allowed to open an account. In the future with direct responsibilities were not always done. But the attack was supported productively, not just from the attacks of long passes.PAVLENKO is 5.5. In the first half was the host on the left flank, creating a constant goal threat Chichkina. During the second 45-minute tired and reduced activity.TITOV is 5.5. According to tradition, led the game of "Spartak" in the center, and in one episode he could score himself a shot hit the goalkeeper.SMIRNOV is 5.5. Looked less bright than in the previous match. Focused on destruction, and succeeded.PAVLYUCHENKO is 5.5. Fought for every ball, but he was mistaken in the choice of continuing the attack. In the end could not handle the transfer of riding and missed the chance to go one on one with Chickeny.ROBERT is 5.5. The first few minutes spent actively - inflicted dangerous shot in the fall and the exact transmission found in the penalty Pavlenko. But then left in the shade.DANISZEWSKI to 5.0. Missed two scoring chances Chichkina.ZUEV to 5.5. Error newcomer - gave the ball Gaucho in free - almost turned into a defeat. Mistake corrected, winning the duel at Karachi: reflected insidious long-range strike and eliminated the one-on-one..

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