Germany - Lithuania. Match report

Germany - Lithuania. Match reportOne of the most unexpected results of Saturday's matches was recorded in Nurnberg, where "Frankenstadion" Lithuanian team drew the match with Germany - 1:1. Conceding 8 minutes, the Lithuanians did not give up, were able to survive under the pressure of the Germans and take it from Germany fair salary point. The hosts made their fans a promising start, already in the 4th minute Gintaras Sauce had to come into play - his head struck Torsten Frings. The Germans continued to attack, and 4 minutes later Bernd Schneider in the penalty guests took hinged gear from the right flank and laid the ball to Joerg Boma. His shot was inaccurate, but in the right place was Miroslav Klose, who heel cleverly headed the ball into the goal Lithuanians. This goal seemed only inspired team Rudy Feller, who immediately and could have doubled their lead. But to the chagrin of local fans, Freddy Bobic with an acute angle struck the crossbar and hit Frings of his head was parried by the goalkeeper. Then Schneider marked his solo passage from own half to the opponent's penalty area, but the final blow came highly inaccurate. These chances Germany are not taken advantage of, and create other wouldn't let her competent game of Lithuanians in defense. Guests looked more confident and in the 28th minute were to compare the account. Igoris Morinas well-ordered the ball inside the penalty area and shot at absolutely free of Saulius of Mikalunas. It was a surprise not only for the German defenders, but also for Mikalunas - the ball bounced from the Lithuanian midfielder and flew over the crossbar Kahn, who did not have time to do. The remainder of the first half the hosts fired at the gate of the Lithuanian national team's long-range shot, but the real danger they themselves were not. After the break the game continued in a similar style, but he has a job and Sauce - he described the impact Klose head at close range. In the fall of "fish" beat Babicz - wide, and attempt Tobias Rau also failed crossbar. In the 72nd minute, the Germans were triumphantly threw up his arms - Klose "cheek" closed the chamber of Bobich, but it turned out that a few seconds before the assistant referee signalled that the ball had already left the field. Fans of the German national team, of course, were disappointed that the scoreboard left unit, but after only a minute the score has changed. However, this is unlikely to have pleased the local public. Razanauskas received the ball on the edge of the area owners, circled Rau and coolly struck the goalkeeper silver medal winners of the last world Cup. With Klose was another great chance to bring the team to victory, but 5 minutes after scoring Kahn his shot from outside the box came up, Stauche. Least wanted Germany to lose two points in his field, so were thrown forward. This gave the Lithuanians opportunity to spend a few counterattacks, and in one of them for 9 minutes before the end of the game Mikalunas could redeem himself for his awkwardness, but Kang fisted blow midfielder. At the end of the match Germany has made several desperate attempts to confirm his high reputation, but the game Lithuanian defenders and Stauche allowed the guests to earn a draw..

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