The Italian championship: overview matches

The Italian championship: overview matchesSunday in the Apennine Peninsula was held the next matches of the championship of Italy. And those who are fighting for the top places, continue their fight.In particular, Chievo and Lazio continue to fight for a place in the Champions League.As for wards, Roberto Mancini, in Rome they completely outplayed modest "Como". Three unanswered goals was sent to the gate Fabrizio Perrone whose partners to prevent it failed in any way.The first goal in the match already born on the 6th minute. Giuseppe Favalli broke on the left flank and made the accurate transmission Stefano Fiore, whose shot was accurate and surprised the guard gate guests. This "racially" not satisfied and, demonstrating high class, managed soon enough to upset Ferrone second time. At this time, stir the Corradi, who received a pass from Sinisa Mihajlovic. The blow of the striker head was accurate. Afterwards, few doubted the ultimate victory of the Romans, before the break, although they did not increase their lead. But did it after the holiday. Coming up in the 66th minute to the penalty point Claudio Lopez was accurate. Assigned the same penalty was for rough play in the penalty area Padalino against Brazilian legionary Lazio Cesar.Another applicant for the Champions League - AC Chievo Verona at home managed to beat not weak Udinese and made it no less convincing than Lazio. The number "1" on the scoreboard was visible on the 10th minute when a powerful headbutt Sasha Balanovich made Morgan De Sanctis to take a trip deep into his own goal. Before the break the players ' Udinese scored again. And again with the head strike. This time it was performed by Federico Cossato. In the second half of the expected onslaught from the visitors, you might say, was not followed, and the owners did score big. This time scored by substitute Sergio Pellise, and again his head. He responded to a corner Eugenio the attack through Maxi Lopez. As for the other matches, "Regina", which occupies 13th place in the standings, was able to achieve victory over Empoli" in his field and at the expense of the only goal with a penalty that is implemented on the 54th minute, Shunsuke Nakamura."Brescia, which once again flashed Roberto Baggio, who scored a beautiful goal, beat on all counts Atalanta. Three unanswered goals was forced to pull out of the gate the gate guard Bergama Massimo Taibi, and the team played with the 36th minute with ten men due to the removal Damiano zenoni."Piacenza", the chances for survival seem ghostly, managed to avoid defeat in the final minute of the match in a home game with the "Modena". Plenty of goals - here's how you can describe this game, the final result of which was flashed on the scoreboard 3 goals from each team.Another match was inconclusive. "Perugia" in his field are unable to break the resistance of the "Bologna". But the efforts of owners Brisas 33 minutes took the lead, but keep the advantage failed, skipping on the 67th minute from not aging Giuseppe Signori. Then this meeting, the two teams continue their March in the middle of the standings..

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