Lippi accuses the newspaper of lying

Lippi accuses the newspaper of lyingThe main Juventus coach Marcello Lippi denied reports in the Italian press that he had a conflict with the team captain Alessandro Del Piero because he was unhappy with early substitute during a Champions League match with Barcelona, which ended in a draw 1:1. "Me and Alex are no problems, hastened to extinguish passion Lippi. "Our quarrel with Del Piero - fiction newsmen. I don't know who started the rumor about breaking up. Of course, Alex was upset about the change, but this is normal when the player change. The rest of the internal Affairs team.As for the game, we were closer to winning than the Spaniards. We have a great chance of progressing. For the return game will be in good shape Tudor and Del Piero to play a tour in the future with "Bologna". Hope I Trezeguet".By the way, Lippi was pleased by reports of doctors who said that the shoulder injury Trezeguet does not require imminent surgery that will allow the French striker will be on April 19, when the Bianconeri scheduled League fixture against Roma..

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