Manchester United - real Madrid: match review

Manchester United - real Madrid: match reviewOne response quarterfinal matches of the Champions League, which will be held at "old Trafford" is probably the biggest concern of a fan of the leather ball. Why? Because the first match, held at the Santiago Bernabeu, was the most spectacular and high class. And this despite the fact that one team worked on the field, and the other though, and tried to avoid the role of the assistant, however, succeeded in this, not so much.And what conclusion should be drawn from the reasoning above? Whatever, but not the one saying that Madrid already secured a berth in the semi-finals of the most prestigious European tournament. A priori thinking encourages us to lean toward the idea that anything not improbable, if someone would allow themselves to come to a diametrically opposite conclusion.We will not deal with the weaknesses of the teams in the global plan. Suffice it to say that the game between two great teams involves any outcome, and football history knows many cases when a much bigger advantage in such meetings melted away like spring for the "Royal club", we note, first, that the "real" suffered substantial loss in the face operated on Raul. Recall that for Raul of real Madrid is all. In addition, he is the player of the highest class, he is a symbol, the flag of the club and his presence on the field is much more important than the presence of all the other stars creamy team. Basically, everyone in the team is fine, but what will replace Raul, I think Del Bosque may agree upon your pet Jose Maria Gutierrez, and even easier, Guti. Except the last in the possession of the coaching staff such skilled forwards like Fernando Morientes, Javier Portillo and the Thoth. About Alex Ferguson's team to say that she lost two key players - defender Gary Neville and midfielder Paul Scholes. Both very painful loss. But then sir Alex may, and is very handy to use Juan Sebastian Verona, recovered from injury. The Argentinian, maybe not so mobile and stable as Scholes, but surpasses Englishman in many other aspects. In short and in the highest class of "witches" no doubt. Regarding Neville can assume that protector of England can replace his brother Phil, or talented O'shea.A few words about the strategy that can elect the coaches.For Madrid would be like death, if the players go on the pitch with hypothetical intention to keep the score. Because it's not their profile, and it is difficult to assume that someone will be able to instill in them the idea. For "real" would be perfect if the players will try to control the ball as much as possible and to demonstrate in front of goal the magic of their attacks. In short, to play our game."Manchester United will try to take advantage of the tendency of Madrid not to look at the rears. This means that sir Alex due to the crazy speed and mobility of all your players will try to take advantage of the gap, which occurs during the game, and again, there is nothing improbable. The defense of "real" most of all need to be wary of van Nistelrooy, Giggs and, certainly, Verona.As a proof, focused on the fact that this game stands out from all the other quarter-finals, pay attention to the individuality of the "man in black". It is called Pierluigi Collina and it says it all, as there is no doubt that the Italian, as always, will be at its usual height.Are of considerable interest and statements of some of the protagonists of the upcoming event.Alex Ferguson (before I learned about the operations of Raoul): the main thing For us is to be able to close Raul. However, Zidane could do with a ball of different wonderful things, but it is from Raul main threat is. Will we be able to keep him away from our goal - don't know."Alex Ferguson (after I learned about the operations of Raoul): When the team's best player is eliminated, it is always fraught. And the fact that Raul in the "real" best, no doubt. If we can keep the stars in Madrid for 70 minutes, we win.Roy Keane: "the Team at the moment in great shape and very hungry for a victory over Madrid. We are very disappointed with the result of the first match, but the whole team is such a spirit that can crush everything in its path."Phil Neville: "the Key to success is a reliable defense. There is little doubt that we can score two goals. But will we be able at the same time to keep a fantastic attacking our opponent..."Jorge Valdano: "Ferguson really didn't want to see Raul in the return game and we, in response to his desire, was not allowed to leave Spain. But if we at "old Trafford" to get a positive result, then it will be a triumph Raoul.Roberto Carlos: "Raul for the team so needless to say, very much. However, on "old Trafford" we will play 11 against 11-I. the Player who will replace Raul will undoubtedly inferior to him in class, but not much." Tentative lineups: Manchester United: Fabien Barthez, Wesley brown, Rio Ferdinand, Frank Sylvester, John O'shea (Phil Neville), David Beckham, Juan Sebastian Veron, Roy Keane, Ryan Giggs, OLE Gunnar solskjær, Ruud van Nistelrooy."Real Madrid: Iker Casillas, Michel Salgado, Roberto Carlos, Ivan Helguera, Fernando Hierro, Claude Makelele, Flavio Conceição, Figo, Zidane, Guti, Ronaldo..

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