Without a front wing

Without a front wingThere was a movie in the domestic film industry. You can hardly find a better name for held on 6 April of the match "Zenit" with the newly-baptized "growth" that took place at Petrovsky stadium. Maybe the team of Petrzela were put excessive demands. Anyway, on the eve of this match, as they settled in the group of leaders, not lost in a short tournament any points. Rostov same in previous matches exchanged points, and the expectations of fans is not yet justified.The meetings between these rivals in the last time in St. Petersburg was rarely without complaints of guests - Rostov remember handball Gorshkov in 1998, the attack Tarasova on the goalkeeper in a match last year and a goal after the fall of one of his defenders in this match... last year Rostovites was nothing to complain about - they unconditionally defeated.This time, according to the expectations of local fans, the victory of "Rostov" speech and did not go to College will be the guests with a minimum difference - so said Peter. And even winter, returning to the city on the Neva, are unable to scare the fans of "Zenith" - except that felt a little bit stronger "internal heating".Whatever it was, held the game has become, if not a cold shower, then at least a good sobering tool for the local audience. What game do the owners not gone, it has become clear with the first half. Left on the field from the first minute Vladislav Radimov was not able to engage in midfield, did not go to quick game and Konopleva, and Spivak, will coach who played on the left flank, was not able to simultaneously carry out its mission and to cover the "hole" in the center.However, a goal could take place in the first minute - but at a discount before the rival's penalty area, no one responded. Guests, cutting off the "Zenith" our ability to play flanking the game, began to look for happiness in the counter. And on 14 minutes the Booth after a rare foray Rostovites on half of the home was close to the goal. Free from the middle of the field turned into a dangerous overhang - but Malafeev was on the alert.The next dangerous moment, contrary to the logic of the game, once again created a guests - FC "Zenit" risky interrupted breakthrough Maslova. The rest of the game went to half of the field of "Rostov", but as long as you do dangerous things are not an issue. Flanking the game in Petrograd. From more or less successful it is necessary only to note the cross from Arshavin, who was unable to close new favorite Petersburg public Lukasz gartig. He, by the way, according to many, and became the best player of Zenit in this match, standing out activity on the background of the "academic" colleagues.The second half began livelier - in place of inert Radimov came Radek Shirl, and Spivak took place in the center. The flanks started to work, but it was too late guests, contrary to the expectations of the coaching staff, "Zenit", were not exhausted the first half. However, dangerous moments at the gate Blyznyuk became more. 60 minute Kerzhakov tried to punish far emerged from the gate Keeper Г­ - above. A real opportunity missed by substitute Alex Katulsky - centre penalty he shot wide.Tried to develop the game Spivak, but his pass and shot from a tight angle was not a surprise for Rostov protection. On 87 minutes, everyone thought that the ball simply has nowhere to go except in the visitors ' goal. But gartig and Katulsky only prevented each other. In response to the attack, oddly enough, Rostov was closer to success - so, on the 89th minute for the hosts after hitting Aspen played a bar. A decisive assault on the "Zenith", which violently customized the audience, came to nothing - last chance lost the same Hartig, failing, however, in a difficult situation, to clinch the flank.Ekaterina Grigorieva.

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