Chernyshov opposed Legionnaires

Chernyshov opposed LegionnairesCoach of the youth national team of Russia on football Andrey Chernyshov believes that it is necessary to introduce a limit on foreign players in Russian clubs. According to the coach of the youth team, this step will contribute to the growth of professionalism among young Russian players.As RIA "Novosti", Sunday wards Chernyshova begun preparing for a friendly match with their peers in Finland, which will be held April 29 at the Moscow stadium "wings of the Soviets".During the training, the youth national football team will hold two training sessions on the pitch with artificial turf at the stadium "Luzhniki". Training in such conditions, according to Chernyshova, is bad for physical condition of the players. "You should also consider the fact that the match with finami have to play on grass," said the coach.In order to prepare the youth team of Russia for the Olympics in Athens, scheduled for 19 August friendly with the German Olympic team..

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