Yuri Sevidov: Calendar spoils us

Yuri Sevidov: Calendar spoils usOnly passed one Derby ? CSKA - Spartak as coming next - Dinamo - CSKA.Both teams have a lot in common. No wonder that they are no points lost. The main thing that unites these groups currently ? excellent physical and volitional training and downright frantic mood of the game. Besides, CSKA and Dynamo leading role played by young players. In my opinion, it is the same and function the coaches in these commands. And Gazzaev, and Prokopenko very emotional, both feel good psychological state of the players and know how to use it to influence the outcome of the game. Remember the second half of the match CSKA - Spartak. Gazzaev was able to find the right words at the break, the team set up, and the game was completely transformed. Hence the result. About Prokopenko needless to say. All three games Dynamo scored in the second half after tactical adjustments trainer and a decent, but business pumping.However, despite the emotional style of work of mentors, the approach to the game Gazzaev and Prokopenko different. Army mentor emphasis is on the attack, constant pressure on the opponent. He is prone to risk, which occasionally results in failure of the Midfielders do not have time to deviate in defense. As shown meeting with Spartak, relevant to the defense of the Gazzaev rather secondary. The main thing is to score more than the opponent, until he manages, but in defense the team has a big problem: the line is too cold, there is no interaction with the midfielder, insurance is not present, and most importantly, the defense has no leader. And the game in three defenders fraught: it was good when the eyebrows are players such as Carlos and Cafu, who have time at the expense of speed at the failure of his attack close to the rear zone. Gusev and Laizans no time. This can backfire. However, while all the costs. But, we'll see, though, perhaps, CSKA Moscow and will be rebuilt. Dynamo takes a different tactic: there are four players and the game in the defense looks more compact. Not accidentally, the blue and white have missed so far, only one goal against three cieskowski. However, with artificial "offside" not everything worked out, and this Dynamo can be caught.To a greater extent is similar to Dynamo and CSKA in the middle line. Neither the one nor the other team has no Manager, leading the game, feeling the rhythm of using the enemy's weakness and possessing excellent Paz. Heard that both coaches believe such a player is unnecessary. Require every midfielder with the ball, he was the Manager and each pass has exacerbated the situation. Of course, this is ideal, but where to find such linebackers? So, for example, is the "Manchester", but the British for many years playing in the middle of the one part, and here both teams have a lot of new players. I think that in the course of the season and Dynamo and CSKA in the center of the field will appear leader, leading the game. Even if you install it will not allocate the coaches. The player who will have to move more and less to lose the ball when passing, exacerbate the situation Paz, will become the Manager. But it takes time. So far we can only hope that this Derby will become a spectacle as the match CSKA - Spartak, but without any mistakes..

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