Roberto Carlos will be allowed Beckham to fulfill a couple of penalty

Roberto Carlos will be allowed Beckham to fulfill a couple of penaltyBrazilian defender of real Madrid's Roberto Carlos welcomed the shift in the Spanish club David Beckham, however, warned the Englishman that he will have to try to earn the right to execute free kicks in the team."I will allow him to perform some penalty, but only a few. He scored some excellent goals from free kicks, but this does not mean that here he will beat them all," said the Brazilian.The fact that Beckham is known for his interpretations of penalty kicks. Recall, for example, a shot of David with a penalty kick in the last minute of the match between England and Greece, which allowed the British to reach the final of the world Cup 2002. Roberto Carlos is also known for its ability to carry out punitive strikes. The name of Carlos became the talk of the town after he scored an outstanding goal from a free kick France. Seeing this, Beckham the next day at practice he tried to repeat the trick of the Brazilian, but failed. "I felt that if I hit so hard, you'll break your leg" - then said Beckham. "Our club President Florentino Perez has proven that he is inclined to buy the best players in the world. I'm sure Beckham here was well received and he will fit into our team," added Carlos, reports Reuters..

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