Kazan Czechs watching compatriots Petersburg

Kazan Czechs watching compatriots PetersburgThe Czechs in Kazan already seems to have mastered it. Anyway, on contacts with the press go willingly. Defender Jiri Novotny on the offer to talk about Saturday's match against Zenit replied: "No problem!- Who among your numerous compatriots in "Zenit" you are perfectly familiar?- With Vlastimil the Former: worked under him in the "Sparta".- What can you say about the supporting defender Martin Horak, also played in "Sparta"?- For two seasons, held in Prague club, he played in ten matches. Interesting, talented footballer knows how to play head. However, in his 22 years he still needs experience, but that'll come. Sorry, Terribly unlucky in meeting with Lokomotiv head broke. But the guy he's brave, what if the case be sure to tell him. Support will not prevent. But only after the match with Zenit. Before the game, should not distract myself. In the match against "Spartak-Alania" you scored two goals after drawing standard provisions. In St. Petersburg it Horak will try to prevent you from repeating such.- His work has prevented me from scoring. Case "ruby" - to try to deceive him and to all of Zenit to win. And, I believe, to play our team will be on defense, so we'll have to sweat primarily in the defense, thinking about the safety of his own goal.- Are you worried that Zenit will collect at Petrovsky stadium stands who will be cheering against you?" In the Czech Republic for a little football fans goes. And it's so much nicer to play in front of large crowds of spectators. Me if you want, it even starts. Want to play nicely.Midfielder Rubin Tomato ДЌГ­Еѕek, double-assistiveware Nowotny when trying to score in the match against "Spartak-Alania" and carefully listening to our conversation, supported mate:- We are still getting used to the Russian football. But the Czech Legionnaires Zenit's the same problem as us, we need time to come together, to find common ground. I, for example, Radek Shirley, against which we have to play, if you get a part, seen in the match Prague "Bohemians". Nothing special about it I wasn't impressed.- But the former certainly learned style of play "ruby" and try to cook you some surprise. And with HIRLAM will have an individual conversation on the topic of how to deal with ДЊЕѕjЕѕek.- To study the technique of Rubin's opponents, of course, necessary. And that's just in training we strumming different options. But we have to score many can only be the case presented. I will try to play the way the coach will say. You know that in one of the test matches, "Zenit" duet Shirl - Horak organized exactly the same goal which you Nowotny scored vladikavkaztian.- Probably too over the standard provisions on the training work a lot so we'll see on Saturday, who was better able to play corner and free kicks.- Shirl, debuting in the Russian Premier League, came on as a substitute in the second half, but remember its a game and even helped Kerzhakov to score the winning goal.- But we Nowotny debut game against CSKA failed. Were prepared well, but apparently burned out. But now we add from match to match. By the way, Shirl later played not so well.- Come out, watch the performances of countrymen?- Not just for them. Watching the game all of our opponents.Alexander MEDVEDEV.

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