Wenger extremely distressed by the loss of two points

Wenger extremely distressed by the loss of two pointsThe coach of Arsenal's Arsene Wenger was naturally disappointed with a draw in the match against Aston Villa". Kolo Toure, who scored in his own net, brought Aston Villa 1-1 draw in Saturday's match against the gunners.In an interview with "sky sports" Wenger said: """Aston Villa" basically defended. They didn't create many chances, and didn't try. We knew we had to score a goal to the opponent is a matter of time and patience. We knew the score, but it is a great pity that in addition to goals, we sent the ball and our own goal. In General, we played very well, but because of this one mistake we lost two points, which I think we deserved".. Читать полностью -->

The locomotive torpedo: match review

The locomotive torpedo: match reviewLokomotiv Moscow in the match of the 4th round of the championship of Russia took their countrymen from Luzhniki "torpedo". National champion started poorly this season and scored after three games, four points, is the seventh. So the railroad had to win in this match, especially in order to regain confidence and get closer to the leaders. However, the torpedo also perform extremely poorly this season, did not win in three matches without a win. So, in turn, were willing to take all three points in the upcoming game. The match kicked off at low temperatures and at first took place with a slight advantage for the hosts. Читать полностью -->

The Cup Of Russia. The semi-finals

The Cup Of Russia. The semi-finalson may 21. The information is updatedLADA (Togliatti) - SPARTAK (Moscow) 2:1 (second half)L: Sulima (Badgers, 5) - Meeting, Kaleshin, Angelica, Gerlachov, Ershov, Baras, Kaleshin, Zhdanov, Glushchenko, SerbinFrom: Zuev - Luizao, Mitreski (News Amateurs Smirnov, 55), Kovtun, Abramidze, Pavlenko, Titov, Kalinichenko (Baranov, 45), Kebe, Robert (Daniszewski, 23), Pavlyuchenko.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Patrick Vieira will probably not be able to play until the end of the season

Patrick Vieira will probably not be able to play until the end of the seasonThe head coach of Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger has stated that the captain of Arsenal Patrick Vieira will probably not be able to take the field until the end of this season. For several weeks Vieira can't cure knee and Wenger today said that "Patrick will not be able to play for another week or two. I think in the summer to give him a vacation, which he had not had for many years and the rest should go in his favor".. . . . Читать полностью -->

The League Cup. Foreign experience

The League Cup. Foreign experienceOf the five leading football countries of Europe, only two have their own League Cup. The UK and France.In Albion this competition two years ago celebrated its 40th anniversary. The first tournament took place in the season 1960/61, and the winner then went "Aston Villa". Record the number of trophies is Liverpool ? this year he won the tournament for the seventh time. The system of competition is such that the Cup begins with 1/64 finals, and participation is open to clubs in all divisions. Читать полностью -->

Andrew Chervichenko believes that against Spartacus there is a conspiracy

Andrew Chervichenko believes that against Spartacus there is a conspiracyThe President of the Moscow "Spartak" Andrew Chervichenko believes that the game against CSKA went by different rules. About this Chervichenko said at a press conference after the match third round of the Russian football Premier League, in which red-white lost to CSKA Moscow 2:3."We believe that there is a conspiracy against Spartak, said Chervichenko. - Today, the teams played by different rules. A penalty, which was appointed by referee Valentin Ivanov in our gate was not in sight".In turn, the coach of "Spartak" Sergey Pavlov said that all 90 minutes of the match against CSKA, the referee judged in the same direction. Leaders Spartak stated that regarding the refereeing in the match they will take actions that are considered necessary. . Читать полностью -->

Spain - Armenia. After the match

Spain - Armenia. After the matchCoach Spain iГ±aki sГЎez said after his team's game against the national team of Armenia, the merit of his team is that she "worked for the first half to settle for fruit in the second half of the meeting."""The Armenian team is very competently handled the ball, and played the first half at a very high level from the point of view of the work done on the field and created chances to score. As for our team, in the first half of her actions lacked definition. We did everything in the first half to the second to secure the win," said sГЎez.Basque specialist admitted that his team had pretty hard on the field, however, in his opinion, the game has changed radically in the direction of his team after the first goal Tristan."After the goal we were able to completely take the game into their own hands," said sГЎez.Also sГЎez said that he really liked the morale and attitude of the Armenian national team."From the beginning of the meeting, the team tried to win and rushed to attack. However, this in turn has led to the fact that the Armenians have not been able to play at the same pace and at the same level in the second half of the meeting".For his part, the coach of the national team of Armenia Romanian Mihai Stoichita complained that his team not having implemented it in the first half decent chances to score."In the second half, made itself felt weak physical form of our team. As for the first half, we looked no worse than the Spaniards and his game has created some difficulties," said Stoikite. Читать полностью -->

Yanovsky, Jarosik: Curse Loko removed

Yanovsky, Jarosik: Curse Loko removed- I actually scored Lokomotiv two goals, " says Jiri Jarosik. But first, the referee reversed - for unknown reasons. I was offside, and partners are not fouled.- Nevertheless, you have headed the list of scorers. Stay tuned for this fight?- Much more important is the success of the team, which is ready to meet all of my goals. But on combating snipers don't forget give. Yesterday got a call from my friend Rubin defender Nowotny, distinguished fourth time. Читать полностью -->

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